Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vancouver temple

Oscar and I got the opportunity to visit the new LDS temple in Vancouver.

It's prettier than it looks in pictures, and I really liked the staircases inside.

It's a smaller temple, so they don't have clothing rental. We weren't prepared for that.

I'm glad the British Columbians have a closer temple now. They used to have to go all the way down to Bellevue, WA.

Even though there are 3 temples in Alberta, this is the first in British Columbia.

I did an initiatory session, but Oscar was unable to due to a live session going on, so he took pictures of the grounds.

A lady from Victoria recognized me from church. We'd gone to church in a ward in Victoria on our first Sunday, and she noticed me when she arrived at the temple. She kindly took this picture for us.

Then we were on our way to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and enjoyed some beautiful views as we drove through the city on a perfectly clear day.


  1. Isn't the Vancouver Temple beautiful! I got to go do a session a few weeks ago when I was visiting my parents for their ward temple night. My dad is a temple worker so I got a private tour. :) I think it is so beautiful inside and I agree, the stair case is really nice!

  2. I liked it more than the Bellevue temple, though I do enjoy the clothing rental in Bellevue.

  3. True. That is nice to have clothing rental. I have my own though so it's no biggy for me. I actually liked it because it is a smaller temple. It just felt more cozy. :)

  4. hey,
    i'm wondering if you can email me. I am looking for a photo of the temple for our relief society. corrinajune@gmail.com

    thanks so much

  5. I'm creating an app for the LDS temples and am wondering if we can use your picture of the Vancouver temple. Can you email me at info@xaxdesign.com?