Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Palouse Falls

Oscar had some extra PTO that needed to be taken by the end of September, so we decided to take a road trip to Glacier National Park. He still had to work a partial day, so instead of taking an over 9 hour drive all at once, we took off at noon and decided to stay a night in Spokane with my friend Nikki from High School. However, we veered off a little bit so we could see Palouse Falls, a waterfall I'd seen a picture of in a Washington tourism magazine. This is the beautiful river we veered off at.

And here's beautiful Palouse Falls.

Locals camping there told us it's 100 times more impressive in the Spring when the water level is higher in the falls and the river.

It's literally out in the middle of nowhere.

You drive for about an hour in empty, barren areas, and then suddenly, unexpectedly, on the off roads, there's this gorgeous canyon.

In Spokane, we saw a restaurant called "The Onion." I hate onions, but Oscar is crazy about them, so of course we had to stop there. My food didn't contain any onions, but it was just okay. My tortilla soup was awesome, but my entree would have passed for a Lean Cuisine for a quarter of the price. At least Oscar liked his burger.

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  1. How neat that it's in the middle of nowhere. The area you're showing by the Falls reminds me (except it's much more beautiful) of a bowl with water being poured into it.