Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ziplining in the Rain

After our drive on the Going to the Sun Road through Glacier National Park, Oscar and I decided to go ziplining.

I'll admit I was excited at first, then terrified that something tragic would happen, then excited again once we got there.

We couldn't resist going since we'd been wanting to zipline for a long time, but we couldn't ever justify the cost on a cheap thrill. On our Hawaii cruise it would have been about $100 per zip, going on your own to the ziplines on Maui was about $300 for 5 zips, and in Whistler, which we'd thought was a good deal, was $100 for 5 zips. So we were super excited when we saw that the ziplines in Montana were only $49 for 6 zips.

The first two are progressive in difficulty. This picture below was the first "training zip," and there was one other before we hopped on the chair lift. Unfortunately it started raining right when we got to the first zip. The ziplining was just as fun, but if it gets raining too hard, the rain will hurt your eyes unless you're wearing sunglasses.

Oscar had no fear whatsoever the whole time.

I was fine once we started, but got a little nervous before the big long zips. When we were on the chairlifts we could see the ziplines high above, and that was a bit scary. But once you're actually flying through the air, it's too exhilarating to worry about the line snapping.

The chances of injury are actually pretty slim. The more common and more concerning thing is getting stuck in the middle of the zip and having to be rescued. They tell you to hold the straight pencil position to go as fast as you can to make sure you make it all the way across. Timid people who are too scared to go too fast may actually make it worse for themselves because if they don't make it all the way across, they can end up stuck hanging out in the middle of the zip and have to wait a long time for someone to come get them.

After the pencil position, you go into the star position to slow down, then you put your legs up to lessen the impact of the break. Oscar ended up going to fast, not slowing down enough, and bouncing halfway back. The cool thing is that we got the whole thing on video. We'd asked someone to take a video of us with our camera as we both came across together, and he just continued shooting the whole rescue.

The actual video is much longer, and it didn't upload well. We'll have to figure out how to compress it and re upload it so you can see the whole thing.

These were our fun ziplining trainers. One always goes on their own first to show you how it's done and be on the other side to help you get undone. The other goes last to assist everyone getting geared up.

Of course, the weather cleared up as soon as we were done.

We spent one more night at Nikki's house in Spokane and took them out to Red Robin for lunch the next day.

Her kids were adorable and well behaved.

But it was hard to get a picture of all of them looking at the camera.

Our trip back from Spokane took us through the beautiful gorge near George, Washington.

It was beautiful, but a bit scary since there was a sign saying "watch for rattlesnakes" along the path to the lookout, and you could hear them rattling.

Fortunately Oscar showed me how to watch for rattlesnake holes and which areas to avoid getting too close to.

I loved how the water looked with the sun sparkling on it.

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