Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Salt Creek Falls and Odell Butte Lookout

A couple of weekends ago, Oscar took me for a surprise road trip. I knew we were going on a road trip, but he gave me no idea where we were going. He would just tell me various cities to put into the GPS, even if we never stopped at them, so I would just be surprised the whole way through. Fortunately, Oscar's knows what I like, and our first stop took us to beautiful Salt Creek Falls - Oregon's 2nd highest waterfall.

It was also quite scenic just across from the falls.

It was sunny, but cold. Oscar was too cold to pose accurately for this picture.

I was fine with the exception of my feet. I wear sandals as long as I possibly can. I'd brought shoes in case we had to hike, but especially on a road trip, I like the freedom of kicking my shoes off when I want to.

Our next stop took us to Odell lake.

And Crescent lake. When you view it from the Odel lookout, you can make out the crescent shape pretty well.

Oscar really liked how crystal clear the water was.

It took us awhile to find, and a bit of frustration when we didn't think we would ever find it, but we saw a tiny sign that led us to the Odell Butte lookout.

After a lot of windy driving, there's a gate that cars can't pass, so we had to hike a little less than a mile up the the top where a ranger watches for forest fires.

And these are the gorgeous views from the top.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oscar's Leavenworth 1/2 Marathon

Oscar had originally intended to run a full marathon in Leavenworth, but after running his first 1/2, he decided he'd rather improve his time than extend his run. This was the last 1/2 marathon he could do before the cold weather came, and fortunately it was a perfect day. It was cool enough in the morning that he wasn't too hot, and then the rest of the day was perfect for a tour around Leavenworth during Oktoberfest.

Due to Oktoberfest traffic, I had no hope of seeing Oscar anywhere but at the finish line. He always runs so hard at the end that he has to walk it off after it's over.

Next we went on into downtown to celebrate Oktoberfest in this cute German town. But unfortunately, it's all about beer. In Park City, UT, they have dancing and games and other fun Oktoberfest things in addition to the beer, so I was a bit disappointed by the lack of festivities. At least this wagon was cute.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Fortunately, we found a really cool mini golf course. It's all grass, and it looks beautiful. It must be expensive to maintain. At first I thought it was a pitch and putt, but it was a full blown mini-golf course, and it was fairly difficult.

I won against Oscar by only 1 stroke.

There was a random goat in the hills that attracted everyone's attention.

I just enjoyed seeing a pretty course while doing one of our favorite tourist activities.

And I liked that you could walk behind their waterfall before returning your clubs.