Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Salt Creek Falls and Odell Butte Lookout

A couple of weekends ago, Oscar took me for a surprise road trip. I knew we were going on a road trip, but he gave me no idea where we were going. He would just tell me various cities to put into the GPS, even if we never stopped at them, so I would just be surprised the whole way through. Fortunately, Oscar's knows what I like, and our first stop took us to beautiful Salt Creek Falls - Oregon's 2nd highest waterfall.

It was also quite scenic just across from the falls.

It was sunny, but cold. Oscar was too cold to pose accurately for this picture.

I was fine with the exception of my feet. I wear sandals as long as I possibly can. I'd brought shoes in case we had to hike, but especially on a road trip, I like the freedom of kicking my shoes off when I want to.

Our next stop took us to Odell lake.

And Crescent lake. When you view it from the Odel lookout, you can make out the crescent shape pretty well.

Oscar really liked how crystal clear the water was.

It took us awhile to find, and a bit of frustration when we didn't think we would ever find it, but we saw a tiny sign that led us to the Odell Butte lookout.

After a lot of windy driving, there's a gate that cars can't pass, so we had to hike a little less than a mile up the the top where a ranger watches for forest fires.

And these are the gorgeous views from the top.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Stacy. It makes me wish I could be there too. Anyways, just stopping by, and telling you we will use you for our wedding ceremony. I will try to contact you soon. Thanks. It was my mom who told me that you offered to sing for our ceremony. Thanks.