Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mt Shasta, Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco

It turned out that Oscar's ultimate destination for us was Sacramento, CA. We've talked about moving to northern California one day, and he'd never been there before. It's an appealing option for us since I love being near the ocean, he likes the climate, I like the various small opera halls, he likes the innovative technology based out of Silicon valley, and we both have family there (I was actually born in Napa, CA). So Oscar thought it would be a good idea to check it out before we put serious thought into moving.

Our first pretty site on our way down from Easter Oregon was Mt. Shasta. It actually has 4 active volcanoes, though you can't see them all from this angle. "Little Mt Shasta" is the one that looks like a cancerous growth coming off the right side.

Oscar loves flat stretches of scenery like this one.

We went canoeing the day after we arrived in Sacramento. We're pretty sure these ladies were an Olympic (or aspiring Olympic) rowing team. They were really good.

It was much harder than it looks, but it was fun. Your arms just get so tired of constantly doing the same thing. I work out a lot, but it's my legs that have built up endurance from running and other aerobic exercise. My arm endurance is not good at all.

Later that day Oscar took me to a really fun mini-golf place called Golf Land. Both courses were awesome with some really unique obstacles.

Plus they decorated for Halloween, which I thought was awesome!


And...they even had a waterpark with what looked like really fun slides. They were closed for the season, but I want to go back to play more mini golf and go to the waterpark.

I liked this knight in the arcade. He was HUGE!

We met up in Walnut Creek with Oscar's uncle Dale, aunt Kay, and their kids.

Next we went up to the beautiful Oakland temple and visitors' center.

The view is awesome, thought admittedly better on a clear, sunny day.

Next we went into San Francisco and took some pics from Treasure Island.

I've been to SF many times, but I've only been to treasure island once while I was there for High School A'Cappella choir tour.

There's a great view of Alcatraz from there.

Our last stop took us to Golden Gate park.

I love the unique vegetation in the park.

It was too late to go into the botanical garden, but it was pretty from the outside.

I really like the landscaping. I went there several times with my sister when she lived within walking distance of the park. She and I rented a surrey for the day. I really missed it since Oscar and I got tired very quickly just from walking around this enormous park.

I laughed when I saw this bench "nice bench 2." All the benches in the area were named after families who'd made donations to the park. This bench, and apparently another one (nice bench 1), were donated by the "nice" family.

My favorite things to see in the park were the beautiful busts of Beethoven and Verdi.

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