Sunday, February 6, 2011

Interesting Kitty Habits and how Nibbler Ultimately Improved my Other Cats (Part VI)

All of our cats eat all kinds of cat food. I've heard of cats that will only eat one extremely expensive type of cat food, or cats that only eat wet food. I'm glad my cats aren't picky.

Leela and Nibbler have particularly keen senses of smell as well. They always know when I'm eating deli meat, even from a room away. I felt really bad once when I forgot to put my chicken in the fridge one night and had to throw it away. I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and put it in the trash. When I came home, the house smelled strongly of chicken. My poor cats had to be home all day with no food while smelling chicken the whole time. Poor kitties. And of course, a cat's sense of smell is much stronger than a human's. That must have been torture for them. They also didn't have any water. I am just a horrible pet owner sometimes!

Leela started sitting on our laps again not long after Nibbler joined the household. She doesn't do it as often as he does, but when she does decide to sit, she can sit a long time. She adores Oscar and sits on him constantly, but every once in awhile she'll sit on me too. This is the only picture I have of her on my lap. She'll never do it while Oscar's here since she'd always prefer to be on him, so I can't just ask him to take a picture whenever she decides to grace my lap with her presence. This is the best I could do taking my own picture of Leela on my lap.

Fry too, started first walking on us while putting tons of pressure in his paws, and then eventually started sitting sometime after Nibbler moved in. To this day, though, he stands when you pet his body so he can feel the pet more, so if I want him to stay sitting I have to just pet his head.

I love that watching us love Nibbler didn't make our cats jealous and bitter (as I'd feared), but it actually made them more affectionate. I assume they observed how happy he was crawling all over us and they realized they could do the same. Maybe if Fry and Leela had been as sweet before Nibbler as they are now, I wouldn't have felt the desire to have another cat.

After 3 years of cats who refused to sit on my lap, it was so nice to get a super affection lap kitten, who became an even sweeter lap cat, and to my complete delight, somehow inspired the other two cats to also be lap cats. :) But there is a downside. Nibbler is now so comfortable on me that he actually jumped 3 feet from my stomach to the top of the desk, which felt like being punched hard in the gut. :(

Now that Leela is a lap cat again, she loves to sit on Oscar's lap and even lets him rest his laptop on her.

Sometimes Nibbler joins the group.

Both Nibbler and Leela can stand on their hind legs, and they'll do it for petting. It's rare to train a cat to perform for anything but food, but Nibbler and Leela are comfortable on those back legs. Both of them also know how to lead you where they want you to go. They're excellent communicators when it comes to needing food and affection. And both have good senses and are sound sensitive, much more so than Fry.

I sometimes tried getting all 3 cats to cuddle together, but for the first couple months they refused. In December 2009 I got to watch them all cuddle together for the first time ever! It was so cute. I'd seen Fry cuddle with Leela, and each of them cuddle with Nibbler, but I'd never seen them all cuddling together. Whenever I tried to put them all together one of them would always leave. It was nice that this time they all came together on their own. It was one big purr fest. It was really nice to see after how much Fry and Leela LOATHED Nibbler the first week.

It's amazing how much cuter my cats are when they cuddle on their own than when I try to force them into cute positions. All 3 are asleep on the cat perch in these pictures, which already fills up with only 2 of them. It's super cute!

Nibbler as well as Fry and Leela are convinced that any clothes, coats, and towels that aren't hung up must be their new cat beds. One time we put a towel on our bathroom counter and all of a sudden they weren't interested in any other place to sleep but there.

I haven't been able to capture it on the camera, but when Nibbler and Leela cuddle together and Nib sticks his head off the perch, they look like one monstrously fat cat with a tiny head. It's funny.

On the rare occasion that Seattle gets snow, all of our cats love it. Surprisingly, though, Nibbler is the least interested. But Fry and Leela could watch the snow forever.

All of the cats like watching us while we exercise. Nibbler actually pounced on my leg once while I was doing jumping jacks!

Sometimes while Oscar and I pray together, Nibbler or Leela comes and curls up underneath our arms. Very cute!

When we cut Fry and Leela's nails, they bite them and trim them down, and it makes them less sharp. For some reason Nibbler won't do it. He's way too playful to have constantly sharp nails.

All of our cats are nuts for the laser pointer. I wonder if the inventor of the laser pen ever thought to him/herself "Wow! This would make a REALLY good cat toy!"

There is so much cat hair in my house (especially from sheddy Fry), which I generally don't mind. But I do insist that it stays out of my eyes. I seem to always find it on my contacts. It must be from burrowing my head into their fur.

One night my husband and I woke up to music at 7:00am and were cursing our neighbors for playing music during quiet hours. However, when we opened our door this morning we found it was actually coming from our computer! We'd left it on during the night and the cats must have stepped on the play button on the keyboard. Hopefully our neighbors weren't too mad at us :)

Unfortunately, all of our cats generally prefer Oscar. Though he spun them around as kittens they think the sun rises and sets with daddy. As soon as he gets home they go running to him. And if both of us are available for affection, they always pick him.

I live on the first floor of an apartment building, but it's over the garage so it's not the ground floor. My porch is low enough to the ground that my cats could jump off of it, but they'd never be able to jump back. So I don't let them out just in case they do jump off. But one time I accidentally left the porch door open only to find all 3 of my indoor cats outside. I have no idea how long they were out there before I noticed. I'm glad none of them jumped since I'm not sure we'd ever find them again. One time Fry got stuck outside all day once. I'd gone out to the porch to get something and closed the door behind me without realizing he'd come out too. He was out there a long time. I'm really glad he didn't jump down!

I like that I've had my cats a long time and yet I still find myself just staring at them sometimes and and enjoying their cuteness. The other day Nibbler and Leela got into this adorable Chinese finger trap position.

I love the "cat donut" they made.

And they're just always cute when they cuddle together. They're both so pretty!

I thought this position was hilarious!

He's totally straddled on top of her.

Fortunately, she doesn't seem to mind at all!

And to hear about how Nibbler's procedure went, continue on to the final chapter Nibbler's Illness, Surgery, and Recovery (Part VII).

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