Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bellagio Fountain and Conservatory

Since we were in Vegas in December, I really wanted to see the Bellagio fountains and tour the Bellagio conservatory while it was decorated for Christmas. It's really impressive! The casinos in general are just mind blowing because they're so massive. It's one thing to see them in pictures. It's another thing entirely to walk through them. It's exhausting! I wouldn't be surprised if Caesar's Palace casino is even bigger than the real Caesar's palace was in ancient Rome! It certainly has the square footage to hold hordes of armies.

The fountains were as gorgeous as always.

We got to see 3 different fountain shows before and after touring the conservatory.

There are amazing decorations in the conservatory at Christmas time. And everything is HUGE!

Here's a cute pic of Oscar and me in front of the Christmas tree.

I love the huge rocking horse!

The reindeer and sleigh were really cool. The reindeer actually look like they're made up of enormous brown jelly beans.

It's not really Christmasey, but there were some cute penguins and igloos.

Mom would have loved this enormous nutcracker. It's designed exactly like a nutcracker outside of a hotel that I saw in New York.

Paris and the other nearby casinos looked beautiful lit up at night.

I like how you can see the lights reflected on the water in this pic.

It was really awesome to be able to catch fountain shows both before and after the sunset.

These pics in front of the Paris hotel look really cool. I'm impressed we were able to get so many shots with different water patterns. Most of our pics are blurry from the constant motion, but these looked really good.

The Bellagio hotel is really beautiful at night.

This was a cute fountain we passed on our way back to the car.

I also love going around admiring the artwork in and around the casinos. I realize they're all just been imitations of famous existing structures, but that doesn't stop it from still being amazing! These folks really did their research. The smell of smoke and alcohol, the noise, and the big crowds generally turn me off from wanting to be inside casinos. But I deal with it all just to admire the incredible architecture that makes up casinos like Caesar's Palace, the Bellagio, Paris, and the Venetian.

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