Saturday, June 18, 2011

Christmas in Utah and Temple Square

It'd been several years since I'd had a Christmas in Utah, and even more since I'd been down to see the lights at Temple Square. Though my Utah time was extremely limited this past trip, I made sure we went down to see it.

They're doing so much more with it these days. I don't remember any of this from before. They used to just decorate the area in Temple Square itself. Now they decorate the area around the Joseph Smith Memorial building as well.

I like the nativity scene in the middle of the fountain.

The Salt Lake temple always looks lovely, but especially so at night.

I love all these additional decorations they've added since I was here last.

Here's my uncle Mitch in front of the Assembly Hall.

The clock tower looked cool.

Here I am with mom and dad and dad and uncle Mitch.

We watched the presentation of the nativity in the area between the Tabernacle and the Visitor's Center.

And these were the lights we saw on our way out by the Joseph Smith Memorial building.

These are statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

And a cute pic of me next to this big tree of red lights.

Next we drove down Santa Claus Lane.

My grandpa used to take my mom down this street every Christmas, and she kept up the tradition with us.

Each house along the street has a verse and/or picture of the Christmas story found in the New Testament in the book of Luke.

And here's the only picture I took on Christmas day. My mom's had these reindeer as far back as I can remember. Here she is giving my niece Emma a ride on one of them.

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