Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hoover Dam

When I was between the ages of 10 and 16, my family took multiple road trips to Vegas since my dad was working for an attorney with an office there. Strangely enough, we never once went to the Hoover Dam. This time I insisted my husband and I drive out there. This is the pretty Lake Mead area before you reach the dam.

I like this tunnel you can see coming off the side of the mountain.

And finally we arrived at the dam. This is a picture taken from the new bridge that was just completed at the end of October 2010. It was expected to be completed in 2007. I actually had no idea it was new since I'd never been there before. The view from there is great! It was also super duper windy! Oscar had forgotten his coat, and he ran onto the bridge, took this quick picture, and ran back. I had a coat so I could have stayed longer and taken more shots, but he forgot to give me the camera before he ran back to the car.

This is the bridge itself.

And the impressive hydroelectric dam.

My husband is so "dam" cute!

We actually drove several more hours to the Grand Canyon, but it was too overcast to get much of a view of. The weather was nice for the most part until we were about 10 miles away from it. But it was cloudy and cold once we were in the park. Fortunately we enjoyed the views of Arizona we got along the way (which, unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of. None of them turned out very well since they were taken from inside the car). I read "The Hunger Games" out loud to Oscar on the drive back, and he said the nice long drive helped clear his head. But we'll have to go back to the Grand Canyon someday so we can actually see it this time!

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