Friday, June 17, 2011

Meeting up with the fam and chillin' out in Las Vegas

After 12 long days, I finally got to see my husband again. Isn't he cute? This picture was actually completely unintentional, but it definitely represents his classic goofball personality. I wanted to show him all my pictures on my camera from my New York/DC/Philadelphia trip, but you can't get it to go back to the beginning unless you take a new picture. I told him I was going to take a picture of him so the counter would start over, and this was the face he pulled. Classic Oscar.

I ended up flying straight from New York to Vegas to meet up with my family in our timeshare at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. I'd had a trip to Florida with a friend get cancelled, and the only way to reuse the points scheduled for it was with a couple of weeks in Las Vegas before the end of the year. Me, Oscar, dad, and my Uncle Mitch went down on the 12th and stayed for nearly 2 full weeks. Mom joined us on the 18th, and Mike and Shannon and their kids joined us on the 21st. Dad and Mitch drove down and picked me and Oscar up from the airport. Oscar got in well before me since my flight was 3 hours delayed! The weather in New York was fine, but the plane I had to take was delayed by the weather in the previous city it had flown in from. So I spent those extra 3 hours sitting at the JFK airport. If I'd known I was going to have that much time, I would have definitely done some more sightseeing.

The next day dad and Mitch took us to the Red Rock casino. We ate at the buffet there. This was the ice cream bar at the buffet. My spumoni ice cream was creamy and delicious. You can find super yummy buffets everywhere in Vegas, but the ones off of the strip (like the three we went to at Red Rock, South Pointe, and Green Valley Ranch) are a lot cheaper. Plus it's a lot easier to find parking. It was only $6 for our lunch buffet. There are plenty of places where my ice cream alone would have cost $6!

Since Oscar and I aren't interested in gambling or going to clubs, Vegas really doesn't hold a lot of appeal for us. The shows are cool, but they're generally pricey. Fortunately we were able to get the Las Vegas Explorer pass. It let us see three cool shows and have dinner for only $100 total. All of the shows were held at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile mall.

The mall is decorated to look like the sky.

The first show we saw was the Mentalist. It's like a magic act but based on hypotheses and statistics. He often reveals to you how he does the trick.

We both enjoyed it and got to participate in it.

We also saw a hypnotist show and a variety show with jugglers, comedians, dancers, acrobats, etc. These were some of the talented performers. Oscar's favorite was the hypnotist show and my favorite was the variety show.

I got to try some of the new rides at the Circus Circus adventuredome thanks to my Uncle's coupons.

On our last night before Oscar had to leave, we went to a restaurant at the Sahara that does a monster burrito contest. Mike and Oscar wanted to pay for the burrito and share it, but they won't let you share and you have to eat it in the bar. You can take it home and pay for it if you don't finish it, but it's free if you do. Neither of them wanted to do it with those restrictions.

But there was a guy there who was up for it. He didn't finish it though. It's HUGE!

Unfortunately our weather was pretty gray, cold, and rainy most of the time I was there. Then it decided to turn beautiful on the very day that we left.

Oscar flew home for work and I drove back to Utah with my family for Christmas before flying out of Utah at 5:30pm on Christmas day. This was one of the views I got of Southern Utah during the drive.

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