Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

After leaving Philadelphia, I went back to New York for one last audition. This time I decided I absolutely had to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As much as I enjoyed being there, I have to admit I found it a bit overwhelming. There were just so many things to see that my brain really couldn't take in everything I was reading and seeing. I had 7 available hours to spend here, but left after about 4 and 1/2 when I started getting a huge headache. I guess it was just too much to process, but I'm not sure why it happened since I spent much longer at the Chicago Museum of Art without once feeling that way. The Museum is also an enormous maze to get through (and I know I must have missed several wings), so that may have been contributing to how I was feeling. If I ever get a chance to go back, I'd like to go through the museum for a couple of hours each day over a period of several days.

For that reason, I really don't have a lot of descriptions to offer about the things I saw.

If I hadn't taken pictures, I probably would remember very little from my time there.

But luckily I did take pictures, and these were the pictures that turned out best (it's not always easy to get a good shot of things that are behind glass).

I really liked the BIG art. Art that took up entire walls and hallways.

But I definitely appreciate the detail in the small works as well.

I love the horns on this bull!

This main hallway had a cafe where I ate dinner. Museum food is always pricey, but at least it was tasty. That hasn't always been my experience with museum food. Sometimes it's like paying 10 times too much for school cafeteria food.

They actually had art there in the hallway so you could enjoy it while you ate. I liked this monstrous frog next to the tiny tadpoles.

Though I've already seen some of the greatest Egyptian art in the world at the Egyptian Museum in Torino, I still enjoyed what I saw here.

I really like sphinxes.

These were some of my favorite paintings. The detail on this little girl's dress was quite impressive.

I like the variety of colors in this piece.

I know I recognized this piece, but I don't remember what it's called. What a small butt for a woman with such large hips!

Whether in paintings, photos, or real life, I love scenery!

I'm not sure, but I believe this was a Picasso from before he turned to cubism.

This one seemed like something between a painting and animation.

One of Van Gogh's self portraits. I saw another one at the Chicago museum of Art

I immediately recognized this piece in the impressionist wing. This was the front cover for the impressionist chapter in my European History textbook in 10th grade.

And I saw another copy Seurat's most famous piece. I'd first seem a much larger version at the Chicago Museum of Art. I don't know which is the original.

So many gorgeous pieces!

I thought this girl was really beautiful. The detail that went into her hair and her dress was really well done.

As was the detail on these girls.

I liked this painting of two lovers.

I'd just seen a copy of this painting at Ben Franklin's resting site in Philadelphia.

Next I wandered into the musical instruments wing.

I'm not totally sure, but this may be the fountain referred to in the book "The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler."

I enjoyed seeing all the glass work and fine china.

This was one painting separated into two pieces. There were a LOT of tiny people and tiny details on both.

This is the painting of George Washington found on the dollar bill. It was behind glass, and it was nearly impossible to take a decent photo.

I loved this pretty stained glass.

This is what written music looked like back in the days of Gregorian Chant.

I spent the most of the rest of my time there looking at pieces with lots of tiny details like these works below.

But my favorite thing of all was the Angel tree. Every Christmas they bring it out, and it's decorated entirely from angels - all of which are works of arts that could stand on their own in any museum! I could have admired it all day. If there'd been ladders, I would have climbed them to look at every single angel.

This was the point where I decided to leave, but of course, it took me awhile to get through the maze and find the exit. So I thought I'd enjoy the things I saw along the way.

Like extremely fine opium boxes (I guess the wealthy could afford to make their drugs appear glamorous),

extremely fancy tombs,


Native American art,

And sphinxes.

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