Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoshone and other Snake River Falls

Being the waterfall lover that I am, I was amazed to learn about the existence of Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID. Though I live in the Seattle area, I grew up just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, which is only a few hours drive from Twin Falls. I couldn't believe that one of the most amazing waterfalls in the USA (and top rated in my "Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest" book) was only a short road trip away from my home town. We actually pass within 15 minutes of it every time we drive from Seattle to Salt Lake, and I insisted that we go there the next time we were planning on going back to visit family.

We knew it was going to be a tight squeeze to get there before dark, so we set off early on an extremely rainy day. Fortunately the sun came out once we got into Oregon. Unfortunately, we had a piece of our car fall down. It's the large plastic cover that protects the underside of the vehicle. We were delayed for about an hour since we had to buy zip ties and secure it back on ourselves.

We took a longer than usual route to get to Twin Falls since I wanted to explore Jump Creek Canyon in southwest Idaho. Here's the pretty canyon.

And Jump Creek Falls. I'm surprised by how low the water flow was since the waterfalls we saw later that day were much more intense. But it was still quite pretty.

We took the scenic byway towards Twin Falls so that we could see the falls of "Thousand Springs." These are some of the pretty lookouts we saw along our way.

We checked out upper and lower Salmon Falls. With a little hiking you can get better views, but we were already pushing the clock as it was and wanted to make sure we made it to Twin Falls with enough daylight to take pictures.

And here are the Thousand Springs Falls. I loved being able to see waterfall after waterfall as we drove through this pretty area.

We pulled into Shoshone Falls just before sunset. It was glorious! The spray was intense!

I love this pic we took of the canyon at sunset.

And I couldn't stop gawking at beautiful Shoshone Falls. It was absolutely stunning. If you come earlier in the day, the spray makes a constant rainbow across the canyon.

Even without the falls the area is still beautiful. Typically the falls are drained for irrigation purposes, but since 2011 has been such a snowy, rainy year for the Pacific Northwest, there's been no need to do so.

I did not want to leave, and probably wouldn't have if we'd been staying in the area and didn't still have 3 hours of driving to do.

I love these cute pics of Oscar and me with the falls background!

We kept taking pics even as it became darker and darker.

But finally we decided we should get going. I figured we still needed to see Twin Falls since we were in the city of "Twin Falls." Oscar was able to find a nighttime setting and actually get a decent picture. Once upon a time there were two falls like the one you see here, but the other one has been dammed. This one was still quite pretty, but it did pale in comparison to gorgeous Shoshone Falls!

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