Wednesday, August 17, 2011

California's Old Faithful Geyser, Touring around Napa, and Checking Out Central Oregon Waterfalls

After spending a night in Napa at my relatives' house, Oscar and I took off early to see the Napa Valley before we began our drive home. I was surprised to learn from the nearby roadsigns that there is an Old Faithful Geyser in northern California. I'd only heard of the famous Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park, so I thought it'd be cool to stop by and see this one.

The price they charge is a bit steep just to see a geyser ($16 a person), so they try to make up for it by having a small zoo of unique animals.

This was the most impressive one. Look at those enormous horns!

They also had a small bamboo maze to walk through.

The geyser goes off about every 15 minutes.

Which means it's not quite as big as those that go off less often. But it was still enjoyable to see.

Here's a pretty lookout we stopped at on our way back to the main freeway

And a few more shots of the northern California scenery.

We saw some gorgeous views of Mt Shasta, but the view from the only lookout we found wasn't nearly as good as the views we were getting as we drove.

We ended up spending the night at my dad's cousin's house in Medford, OR.

They have a lovely view from their ranch.

Rather than staying on I-5 to go home, Oscar and I detoured a bit to the east so that we could see several waterfalls in central Oregon. This first one is Koosah Falls.

There's no hike required to get here or to see it from the top of the falls, but the walk out to the falls overlook is VERY muddy.

And nearby is beautiful Sahalie Falls.

We had to scramble down some funny rock formations to see Sevenmile Creek falls.

Then took a short but muddy walk out to Salmon Falls.

And we finished up our waterfall searching by taking a 3 mile round trip hike to pretty Henline Falls.

At first this little falls was all we saw as we reached the end of our hike. We were a little disappointed that we'd done a hike just for this little falls.

But then we were satisfied when we saw this much larger falls just around the corner.

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