Saturday, August 27, 2011

Deception Pass

Oscar and I have been meaning to go up to Deception Pass for several months, and we finally got around to it on July 4th. Deception Pass is a bridge that allows cars to travel onto Whidbey Island.

Seattle did July 4th right this year! After a very gloomy spring and even a gloomy start of summer, July 4th was sunny and crystal clear. It's best to visit Whidbey Island when there are as few clouds as possible since that increases you're chances of being able to see the nearby San Juan islands as well as distant Mount Ranier and Mount Baker. This was the gorgeous view that beheld our eyes when we first walked out onto the bridge.

And the beauty just kept on coming at us from all sides.

I love this adorable picture of me with my windblown hair wrapped around my face.

There are some short trails that will take you down to the beach area, but we didn't take those. Maybe we will next time.

I'd actually bought a groupon to ride a catamaran around the area, so we were in a bit of a hurry to take some pics from the bridge before we drove down to the dock.

Even the views looking east (away from the San Juans) were beautiful.

This shot just blows my mind! Stunning!

We had a clear view of Mount Baker that day. That can be hard to come by here in Seattle.

This was our view of Deception Pass from down on the catamaran.

You'll have to click on this picture to enlarge it in order to see them, but this area is home to a small breed of seals.

Here's me enjoying the catamaran cruise.

This area in the hill used to be a prison! You can see the bars if you look really, really closely.

Here's my sweet husband taking a break from picture taking to enjoy the cruise.

Whenever I go out on a boat ride I love watching the wake it forms.

Here we've cruised over to the west side.

If you click to enlarge this picture you can see a seal sticking its head out of the water.

We had wonderful views of the Olympic Mountains.

I really like this shot Oscar got of the boat nearby us cruising across the water.

You might not recognize it from this picture.

But this mountain clearly looks like King Kong's profile. Though it's not quite as good as the one we saw in Kauai.

We even saw a couple bald eagles on our way back to the dock. This was a tiny one that actually stayed in the tree long enough for us to get a picture.

Stay tuned for our next Whidbey Island post - Hiking to Ebay Landing and going to Erie Mountain Lookout. We almost lost our camera that night when we watched fireworks, but we found it several days later (once we realized it was missing) on the lawn where we'd set down our blankets. Thank goodness or we would have lost all of these beautiful pictures!

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