Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Driving to California...the long way

After our brief visit in Utah, Oscar and I took off for Yosemite National Park in California. We forgot to check if the east entrance was open since it depends seasonably upon the weather, but we figured we'd just drive to it first, and that if it was closed, we'd just go to the next entrance. It couldn't be more than an hour away, right?....

Oh how wrong we were. It was an additional 4 hours for us to go around the park to the west entrance (The south entrance would have taken us even longer). It's been a hard weather year for the west coast, and there was too much snow to cross the pass. We had to drive up to a pass further north (almost as far as Reno) before there was a pass that was open.

Fortunately we saw some pretty sights along the way.

Lake Mead was really pretty

Though a little windy!

These were the views we had as we started along the pass.

And then we hit a huge blizzard! We drove about 40 miles through blizzard. It was scary! We couldn't believe we were driving through snow in sunny California.

We braved the freezing temperatures to take pics at this pretty lookout.

I kept trying to tell Oscar that northern California really had a lot better weather in late May than what he was seeing.

And finally we crossed the pass and made it to real California.

Oscar was quite happy with what he saw.

We caught some pretty sunset shots and then went out to grab some Thai food.

We didn't arrive in the park until about 12:30am. I was impressed that Oscar was able to set up our tent in the dark. That very night Oscar said he didn't know if coming to the park was going to be worth all the trouble we went through. Fortunately, he changed his mind very quickly the next day.

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