Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ebey's Landing and Erie Mountain on Whidbey Island

After seeing Deception Pass, Oscar and I decided we wanted to see a bit more of Whidbey Island by taking a hike at Ebey's Landing.

It's rare to see Mount Ranier in this kind of clarity, but we had perfect views of it our entire drive south.

The hike starts near a beautiful prairie where you find a trail leading you to the coast.

It's amazing how far we could see along the coast.

If you click to enlarge this picture, you can see that the area just right of Mount Ranier is Seattle. How impressive that we could see the city of Seattle when we were 60 miles away from it!

Those of you who follow my blog know how much I like seeing water in all of its forms. This was definitely the perfect hike for me.

I loved our perfect views of the Olympic mountains behind the water.

The trail was a tad steep at the beginning

But I'm glad for it, since the height gave us better views. The hiking book I learned about this trail from gives this hike a maximum rating for scenic beauty.

Here's me hiking up the steepest parts. Oscar always hikes quickly the parts that are most difficult. I take my time.

We also had a perfect view of Mount Baker rising up behind the prairie.

There were a lot of pretty wildflowers along the trail.

The tide forms this small lake, Parego's Lagoon, that we hiked over and around.

This is my absolute favorite shot of the day! Oscar got this pretty pic of Mount Ranier, the coast, a boat, and a seaplane all in one.

At this point the trail leads you downhill and you walk back along the beach.

Here's my sweet husband on the beach, who was unfortunately having a difficult time with his eyes due to his allergies that day. Ideal weather often makes for horrible sinuses.

We passed this garden on our way back. I think it was cabbage they were growing.

And to finish off our day on Whidbey Island, we drove back up north to Erie Mountain lookout. We were a bit disappointed with the view at the end of the road because it was so obscured by trees.

But fortunately the other lookouts on the way back down the mountain did not disappoint.

Here's a pic of me at the middle lookout.

And this is the final lookout (or first depending on when you stop at it). We enjoyed some lovely views of the San Juan islands to finish off our beautiful day before we drove back to Edmonds for some 4th of July fireworks.

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