Friday, August 19, 2011

Entiat Silver Falls

The day after I moved out to Leavenworth, I thought it would be fun to take a nice pretty drive to somewhere that I could do a nice pretty hike. My rehearsals were over by 10am, and since this would be one of only a few days where I had lots of time, I intentionally picked a hike that was far away going the opposite direction of home. I figured I'd have lots of opportunity to do closer hikes or to do hikes that were along my drive to and from Leavenworth, so this would be a good day to go somewhere new and far away.

I looked in my waterfall book and found a hike to a waterfall at Foggy Dew Creek near the city of Twisp. It was longer than I'd originally intended to drive (closer to 100 miles when I was looking for closer to 50), but the length of the hike was precisely what I wanted.

There was still quite a bit of snow, and the trail wasn't in the best shape.

You can see this big patch of snow covering the trail. It was kind of scary to walk across it. Though it was hard packed, I was worried I was going to fall right through it.

Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed with the waterfall. It wasn't that impressive, and it was very difficult to photograph due to a lot of foliage.

I even soaked my feet crossing the falls to see if the pictures were better from the other side, or to see if there were more waterfalls along the trail. But, alas, it really wasn't any better. I soaked my shoes for nothing.

It was getting fairly late at this point and I still had a long drive to do, but I couldn't believe I'd traveled so far and done a long hike for such a lame waterfall. I looked in my waterfall book and decided to detour into the city of Entiat to see 3 more waterfalls.

I'm really glad I drove the extra 60 miles (about 30 each way) to see the falls in this area. They were a LOT better than Foggy Dew Falls! I was unable to get a picture of the first (Preston Falls) since it was a roadside falls, but I ended up doing another hike at Silver Falls. It's a good thing this was June when there was a lot of sunshine since I started this hike at around 8:00pm.

The trail takes you up and around the waterfall in a nice loop.

The views only got better as you got higher.

Seeing this beautiful cascade made me very happy!

I found it difficult to photograph going up the right side of the loop.

But the views were much better as I came down the other side. It's very pretty!

You also get a lovely view of the Entiat Valley from this short hike. It was a much more scenic and rewarding hike than the one I'd done earlier in the day.

Further along the road I found Entiat Falls, an interesting cascade crashing over a rock ledge onto the boulders below.

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