Thursday, August 25, 2011

Icicle Ridge Trail and the Wenatchee River

If you like mountains and you like rivers, Leavenworth is a good place to be.

These top two pictures are shots I took from Enchanted Park in downtown Leavenworth. We went tubing on the Icicle/Wenatchee rivers a couple of weeks ago, which is something I would definitely recommend doing. It's relaxing and beautiful!

And this is the view I see everyday when I cross the bridge over the Wenatchee River.

The first time Oscar and I came to Leavenworth was for Christmas a couple of years ago. We could tell that it must be beautiful in the summer, and said we'd like to return someday to go on a hike.

We came back in July of the following year, and we found a pretty hike called the Icicle Ridge Trail that gave us an excellent bird's eye view of the village and surrounding mountains. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring water with us, which was killer for such a steep hike exposed to so much sun, and even worse, we forgot our camera.

Once I moved out to Leavenworth for 2011's summer theater program, I resolved to do the same hike again but to have water and to bring my camera this time.

What I love about this hike is that there are beautiful views during the entire trip up, not just when you reach the top. This is the view of the meeting of Icicle and the Wenatchee rivers from about halfway along the trail.

One of the first things you see when you reach the top of this trail is Leavenworth's waterfall - Drury Falls. It's quite a beautiful waterfall that you can see while driving in and out of Leavenworth on US 2. But it's high up the mountain and very easy to miss if you don't know where to look for it. It was still quite distant even from here, but I enjoyed being able to look at it at my leisure, instead of getting merely a few glimpses of it while I drove.

The shots below are all taken from the end point of the trail. You can continue on for about 10 more miles if you wish, but I chose to stop at the same end point we'd stopped at last time.

A few days earlier I'd tried to find a trail called "Tumwater Pipeline Trail," but had been unsuccessful. I kept looking to my left while I drove on the highway but I couldn't find a bridge to cross the river. From this trial I could see it easily. I ended up taking that trail a few weeks later now that I knew where to look for it.

The mountain views are gorgeous from here!

In this shot you can see the village of Leavenworth on the left, the Wenatchee river in the middle, the pretty valley on the right, and the surrounding mountains behind them.

These two incredibly ugly trees blocked my view of some of the area further north.

This is definitely the best trail to take if you want to see the village of Leavenworth from above.

You'll know you've made it to the end when you come upon these flower bushes that bar you from continuing further. I must warn you, however, that these bushes, as well as a lot of the trail, are full of bees. They didn't bother me in the slightest, though. They all seemed perfectly content to pollinate flowers and let me enjoy my hike in peace.

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