Thursday, September 15, 2011

Manito Park in Spokane

After exploring Riverfront Park, I drove down to Manito Park to see the rose gardens in bloom.

It took me awhile to find the roses, but there was a pretty pond when I first drove in.

I also found a very nice Japanese garden.

I caught a pic of this fish in the pond.


I had almost left when I finally found the rose garden.

So many pretty flowers.

Some had interesting names. This one was called Cinderella.



Liberty Bell

Magic Show


Rainbow's End


These were some of my favorites, so I was a bit disappointed they were just named after a person I've never heard of - "Dee Bennett." I liked the size of the blossoms and the variety of colors.

First Kiss

I got a few pretty close up shots of some of the roses.

I love this duo!


These are the kind of flowers I first encountered in Italy that remind me of long, colorful broccoli.

Bloomin Onion. Onions are generally the bane of my existence, but I can handle these onions!

Lamb's Ear.

Next I wandered into the conservatory area.

I'm sure this would be a lovely place to take wedding pictures.

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