Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sailing to Stehekin and Rainbow Falls on Lake Chelan

A couple weeks before leaving Leavenworth, my sister and my niece took the tour to Stehekin with me on the Lady of the Lake II.

Here are Lia and Hana on the boat.

Lake Chelan is 55 miles long, and on the Stehekin tour you go all the way across it round trip.

It's about 4 hours each way, but you're surrounded by gorgeous views on all sides.

Stehekin isn't an island, but you can't get to it by vehicle. You either have to cross the lake like we did, or you can backpack for about 20 miles through North Cascades National Park.

It was really nice to just sit on the boat, read a book, and periodically go out to the viewing deck to take pictures.

We picked a beautiful day to go (they're pretty easy to come by in the summer in this part of Washington).

Though my picture looks a little crooked, Lia said this would be her dream house right on the lake.

And Hana said she wouldn't object to living here.

We passed Domke Falls as we got closer to Stehekin. My book actually told me I'd get a better view on the return trip, but I'm glad I took this pic on the trip up the lake since I didn't even see it on the way back.

I liked seeing this peak peaking through (no pun intended :))

You could camp for weeks here and still find lots of new things to see.

Though the color of the lake looks midnight blue at first

It's actually a pretty turquoise color up close.

Isn't it so pretty?

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this tour was to see fabulous Rainbow Falls. Here's a pic from our small hike to the newly built upper viewing area.

And a pic of Hana and me from the lower viewing area where you can see both drops.

My camera couldn't quite get the entire falls. You could either get all of the bottom falls and cut off some of the top in this shot,

Or all of the top falls and cut off some of the lower falls.

A rare pic of all 3 of us.

Since Stehekin is a small community that can't be accessed by vehicle, they have a small school for grades K-8 all together. This is the old school where the same teacher taught all 9 grades for something like 50 years.

Hana had fun pretending to be a student there.

And the return trip brought us equally beautiful pictures as the way out.

I loved watching the boat's wake. And some jetskiiers in near Chelan loved riding it.

On our way back to Leavenworth as we passed the town of Entiat, we drove by this hill that's decorated with famous street signs (like route 66) sprayed onto it. It's called "Numeral Rock." The senior classes of Entiat High School have been painting their year on it for about 80 years now.

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