Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spokane Falls and Riverfront Park

Towards the end of July, I decided to take a trip to Spokane to see some friends when I had a day off of rehearsals. My friend Nikki had moved there for her husband to attend law school; my former mission companion, Emily, had moved there to attend the same law school (and, coincidentally, is a study buddy of Nikki's husband, Seth); and my friend Brie from High School just moved there for her residency.

I had lunch with Emily at 1:00pm, dinner with Brie at 7:00pm, and spent the night at Nikki's house. No one was available between 2:00pm and 7:00pm, so I gave myself a self-guided tour of Spokane. First stop - taking the gondola over Spokane Falls.

It's not a terribly long gondola ride, but it does offer some pretty views.

The view from this bridge is pretty cool, but I never got more than a glimpse as I drove across.

It's a nifty falls, and you do get the best view from here (the top picture of this post was taken from the gondola). The top part of the fall is a man-made dam, but the rest is natural waterfall. It's the 2nd largest urban waterfall in the US (the largest, of course, being Niagara).

The view coming back into Riverfront park.

And the view of Spokane looking out the other way.

You can walk around the park to see a few of its smaller tributaries.

Upper falls was the most impressive of the additional falls.

I think this one is Canada Island Falls.

And I believe this is Diversion Dam Falls.

These were its drops from below the bridge.

My favorite shot of it was the most distant one.

I had this duck looking at the camera for awhile, but it turned away at the wrong moment.

I liked the fountain on the other side of the park.

Since I had a bit of extra time, I wandered down to view the falls on the walkway.

Though the gondola will give you the best views, I took this shot from the walkway, which is still pretty good.

Plus you can see these smaller tributaries better from here.

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