Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winthrop, Falls Creek Falls, and Rainy Lake Falls

I've lived in Washington for over 5 years now, and only recently did I learn we have our very own Wild West town. It's a cute little town called Winthrop, and the drive to it is beautiful, regardless of which direction you're coming from. Either you drive east through beautiful North Cascades National Park, or you drive north through the city of Chelan. We decided to visit Winthrop on the way home from Leavenworth, WA since we'd heard so much about the cute town and the gorgeous views in North Cascades National Park.

Before stopping to eat in the town, we drove north about 10 miles to visit Falls Creek Falls. It's a pretty falls in Falls Creek Campground.

We had to do a bit of meandering through the rocks and trees to get the best pictures of the falls, but otherwise there's no hiking required. We took this beautiful picture below from the south side.,

After seeing the waterfall, we explored the cute little town.
We ate a delicious lunch at Captain Jack's Saloon, we played mini golf in the main square, and we sat on saddle seats while we feasted on yummy homemade ice cream. I loved the first hole on the mini golf course! It reminded me of the game Plinko on The Price is Right. For being a cheaply made golf course, it was still pretty fun and had a lot of cool obstacles.

After filling our bellies and playing mini golf, we continued our trip on into North Cascades National Park.

    What a gorgeous drive!

Before driving to beautiful Ross Lake (see next post), we stopped for a small hike to Rainy lake falls. It's a pretty waterfall flowing into a lake with a mountain backdrop. What scenery could be better than mountains with a waterfall and a lake?!

Unfortunately this was low flow time for a very small watershed falls like this one. We'll have to come back in the spring (and maybe get an inflatable raft) if we really want to see this waterfall at its best.

 I liked this mist we could see along the rock walls as we hiked back to our car. Stay tuned for more waterfalls and beautiful lakes in my next post!

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  1. How beautiful. Can't believe the beautiful scenery as well as the gorgeous waterfalls
    Love the blog and thanks for sharing.