Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stacy and Oscar's Timeline - 2006

Facebook has recently added a feature letting you make a timeline of all of your posts and uploads. It looks pretty cool, but there's far too much stuff to go through. I don't think many people out there want to look at my entire life worth of uploads, but they might want to see the overall timeline of my life events, and possibly look more into something I've done that interests them. For that reason I'm making these timeline blogposts. Each post will be for 1 full year, starting in 2006 when we got married. Beneath each life event I will include a link to a separate blogpost where you can see more pics and find more details.

January 2006

February 17th 2006 - wedding at the Salt Lake Temple, Luncheon at the Empire Room of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and Reception in the Sharon/Manchester rooms of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

February 18th-21st
Honeymoon in Disneyland

June 2006
Performed a Senior Recital in Dumke Hall at the University of Utah. Graduated with a Bachelor's of Music and an emphasis in Vocal Performance.

August 2006

Moved to the Seattle area in Renton, Washington. I started working as a server at Maggiano's Little Italy. Oscar went to school at ITT tech and searched for a job.

October 2006

Adopted kittens. Fry and Leela were about 2 months old when they began the newest members of our family. 

And we finished the year off by taking a flight back to Utah on December 25th to visit our families for Christmas.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poo Poo Point Hike

The Seattle area had a pretty terrible Spring and Summer. We had very few clear days and a LOT of rain. This was made up for by our incredible Fall! September and October were clear and beautiful. When we saw  that an October Monday (Oscar's day off) was predicted to be clear and warm, we decided to hike up to Poo Poo Point in Issaquah. I'd failed to find this trail twice on my own already, so I took Oscar with me (who's great at reading topographical maps), and we started the hike from a point where the maps were more clear and the trails better marked.

Oscar and I love the show Futurama (hence the names of our cats Fry, Leela, and Nibbler), and this bunch of mushrooms reminded us of the character "Hypnotoad."

The viewpoint is much prettier than its name would have you believe.

Paragliders commonly hike up here to start their descent. One glider told us there was another trail this direction that only took him an hour to ascend. And that's with all of his heavy gear. Our hike was killer steep and took us 2 hours, so next time I'm looking for the other one.
There was a nice view of Mount Baker.

And gorgeous views of Lake Sammamish.

The glider also told us that if we started down the other trail, we'd find a lovely view of Mt Ranier.

We came back up to the point to see a glider take off.

Paragliding is now on our bucket list. These guys were mostly retired, had their own gear, and did it about once a week. 

It was really captivating to watch him glide down through the valley.

About a week later I decided to hike Mt Si. It's said to be the ultimate Washington hike with a great view and an elevation gain of 3,100 feet over 4 miles. Though the day started off clear, the clouds came in just as I reached the summit, and I didn't have the time to wait for them to clear. I'll have to come back again sometime to see a better view. I was proud of myself, though, for reaching the summit in only 2 hours. Whew! That was exhausting.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Snake River Falls in October

On our way back from our October Utah trip, I couldn't resist seeing Shoshone Falls again. The flow wasn't quite as intense as it was during our May trip, but it was still really strong. You could actually see more of the waterfall because there was much less spray.

I liked this side falls you see on the road winding down to the main lookout.

It's not the greatest picture, but this is Bridal Veil Falls coming off the side of the canyon. You can see it from the main Shoshone lookout.

I wanted to check out Perrine Coulee Falls, and the route there took us past the Twin Falls LDS Temple. The pic's a bit crooked since we took it while driving.

This wasn't Perrine Coulee Falls, but it was a pretty area you can view from the parking lot of a strip mall.

We also discovered these little falls on our search for the elusive Perrine Coulee Falls.

And after carefully rereading the directions, we finally found it. This was actually the 2nd lookout, and we almost drove past it. We hiked up a bit of a hill to take this shot.

This distant but pretty falls could be seen from Perrine Coulee. There's a golf course nearby. You probably have to golf on the course to see it from close up.

On our way back up the hill we saw the first lookout, and didn't know how we'd missed it on our way down. This one is prettier and doesn't require any climbing.

I also wanted to take the scenic route home to see the Falls of a Thousand Springs.

We tried following directions to Upper Salmon Falls, but we couldn't see any waterfalls. Fortunately this area of the river was still very scenic.

There's a mini golf course you can see from the freeway as you drive through Boise. We decided to actually golf there this time since we love mini golf. I liked their imitation of the Arches structure.

There's a pretty pullout on the freeway where you can see the flat plains of Eastern Washington. This time we caught a nice sunset on the way back and pulled off there just in time to get some beautiful pictures.