Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stacy and Oscar's Timeline - 2006

Facebook has recently added a feature letting you make a timeline of all of your posts and uploads. It looks pretty cool, but there's far too much stuff to go through. I don't think many people out there want to look at my entire life worth of uploads, but they might want to see the overall timeline of my life events, and possibly look more into something I've done that interests them. For that reason I'm making these timeline blogposts. Each post will be for 1 full year, starting in 2006 when we got married. Beneath each life event I will include a link to a separate blogpost where you can see more pics and find more details.

January 2006

February 17th 2006 - wedding at the Salt Lake Temple, Luncheon at the Empire Room of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and Reception in the Sharon/Manchester rooms of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

February 18th-21st
Honeymoon in Disneyland

June 2006
Performed a Senior Recital in Dumke Hall at the University of Utah. Graduated with a Bachelor's of Music and an emphasis in Vocal Performance.

August 2006

Moved to the Seattle area in Renton, Washington. I started working as a server at Maggiano's Little Italy. Oscar went to school at ITT tech and searched for a job.

October 2006

Adopted kittens. Fry and Leela were about 2 months old when they began the newest members of our family. 

And we finished the year off by taking a flight back to Utah on December 25th to visit our families for Christmas.

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