Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Utah Trips and Fruma Sarah

Last year I thought it'd be fun to dress up as Medusa for Halloween. I bought a bunch of cheap snakes off Amazon and pinned them through my hair. It looked awesome, but admittedly better the day after this when I figured out it was easier to pin the hair back with the snakes than to try and pin the snakes into the hair.

My niece dressed up as a pumpkin and had a sleepover at my house after coming up for my ward's Trunk or Treat. Fry decided her costume was the perfect sleeping mat.

Earlier that month, Oscar and I took a road trip down to Utah. Lia and Hana decided to carpool down with us and fly back home. While we were there, we spent a day at Lagoon during Frightmares. It was super fun! I don't even remember the last time I spent a day having fun with both my siblings.

Just a few weeks later, I took another trip down to Utah  to help my mom out with her knee surgery. While I was packing, Leela decided she was coming with me. Too bad my relatives are allergic to cats!

A few days into the trip, my friend Rebecca, who was playing Grandma Tzeital, asked me if I wanted to play Fruma Sarah in "Fiddler on the Roof." A girl had bailed out last minute, so I had 2 days to learn the role (good things it's small).

We gave me black makeup with white eyes the first day, which looked more weird than scary. For the 2nd show we switched to white makeup with black eyes, which was a lot creepier. My friend Rachael came down to support us.

I'm a waterfall lover, and I'm from Utah, yet I'd never even heard of Bridle Veil Falls in Provo until 2010. My friend Rachael took me there in June of 2010, but I didn't have my camera with me. This time I made sure to get a few pictures. It looked cool partly frozen.

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