Thursday, September 6, 2012

Highlights of 2009

We had quite the year in 2009. We weren't able to take any trips for awhile (even for our mini-moon) since I was so busy with school. Fortunately I was able to do several performances. I performed my Master's recital the day before Thanksgiving 2008, I did a few opera scenes, and I performed 4 Songs from Peacock Pie in Meany Hall. That was part of the reason we couldn't plan even a short mini moon. That last performance was the day after our anniversary, so I didn't want to deny myself my final practicing time. I was also cast in the school opera. I played Madame Larina, the mom in "Eugene Onegin." The wig they gave me made me look exactly like Mrs Bennett on the 5 hour version of "Pride and Prejudice."

I also worked hard on my 10 Topics (what UW does as a Master's Degree project instead of a thesis) so I could graduate that spring. I also had to get cracking on my piano skills in order to test out of their requirements. They were very different from what had been required for my Bachelor degree at the University of Utah, and I missed the audition for lessons, so I had my work cut out for me.

Oscar loves sunlight. He'd love to go up to the northern coast of Alaska sometime in the summer to see what it's like to have midnight sun. I refused to drive that far, and we compromised on Prince George, the farthest north city in British Columbia. We went there in early July purely so Oscar could see the sun set after 11 and the sunrise around 4. Fortunately, we learned about Wells Gray Park not too far away and were able to see some gorgeous waterfalls.

There were also a lot of beautiful lakes we drove past on our way to and from Prince George. 

That was the first of 5 trips I took that year. Just 6 weeks later, I packed my bags and hopped on a flight to Orlando to meet up with my two besties. 

The next day we enjoyed the zoo, shows and rides at Animal Kingdom.

We park hopped that day into Disney Studios that evening so we could see Fantasmic in their huge amphitheater.
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But Epcot was by far my favorite park.
It's so amazing! Where else can you travel the world all in one place?

We spent a couple days playing in the waves at Daytona Beach and seeing Shamu.
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And we had tons of fun going to Disney World Waterparks, Disney Quest, and Downtown Disney. Click here for more about cramming all that into one day

You'd think after 2 awesome trips already I'd be vacationed out. But no! In mid-Semptember we took a fabulous cruise to Hawaii.

We spent our first 6 days on the boat eating fantastic food, seeing entertaining shows, and meeting new friends.
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Our first stop was on the east side of the Big Island where we met up with my dad's cousin Harold. I always called him Uncle Harold and remember him being the first person I'd ever heard refer to mashed potatoes as "smashed" potatoes.
Click here to read about our eight hours in Hilo, HI

We continued on to Maui where we had fun touring the island with our new friends Nick and Liz (or as I affectionately/accidentally call them "Niz and Lick."

Click here for more about our 2nd port of call.

On our stop in Kona, HI, we went back to visit our favorite spot from our previous trip.

Our favorite stop ended up being Kauai. There was so much stuff to see.

And our finally port of call was in Oahu, the most populated island where my mom's friend CJ calls home.

But our trip fun didn't stop there. We also took a road trip down to Utah in early October.

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That same month Oscar surprised me with a trip to the animal shelter where we picked up a new kitten.

We decorated a blue and silver Christmas tree (complete with 3 cat stockings) and had Thanksgiving with Nick and Liz.

And to finish off a great year, we took a trip to Victoria, BC on the Seattle Clipper. 

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