Monday, September 17, 2012

Timeline Early 2010

2010 was a year of not really knowing what to do with ourselves. I went back to waiting tables for about 6 months, but eventually realized I didn't want to be stuck in that line of work forever, even if the money was good. In June Oscar finished up his degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix online school. On the very day he graduated, he was promoted to a supervisor. We'd been thinking about moving out of state, but decided against it once he had the position. So what did we end up doing with ourselves - travel of course! We spent our 4th mini-moon on the Washington and Oregon coasts.

We visited 1st and 2nd beaches in La Push, Washington,

took a stroll through the Hoh rainforest in Olympic National Park,
 and admired the beauty of Ruby beach before driving down south to Portland.

After nearly running out of gas on the way to the Oregon coast, we saw the Tillamook factory and drove up the coast. It was amazing how warm, sunny, and clear it was in February!

saw Snoqualmie and twin Falls with Liz,

and took another ferry to see Hurricane Ridge and more of the west side of Puget Sound.

In May, Oscar ran his first 1/2 marathon in our state capital,

In June we took a trip down to see the Mt Ranier. Unfortunately the clouds never cleared, but we still saw some gorgeous scenery and beautiful waterfalls.

Click here to read more about Mt Ranier on a cloudy day.

In July, we took another trip down south. Our first stop was the Three sisters and Bend, OR.

There we explored the underground lava tube cave.

and saw gorgeous crater lake. It was in the mid 30's in July!
Our next stop took us through sunny, greener pastures in Del Norte State Park in Northern California.

Here we toured through a monstrous redwood tree,

and visited the Trees of Mystery.

And we finished our lovely trip by driving home via the southern and central Oregon Coast.

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