Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Timeline Late 2010

If you've read both of the other 2010 posts, you must be astonished that we still had money to take more trips. I'm really not sure how we did it either. We road trip for the most part and either stay with family/friends or get mega cheap hotels in order to save money, but it still adds up. 

In October of 2010, I was supposed to go to Disney World again with a former mission companion of mine. Unfortunately she had to cancel, and to cheer me up, Oscar took me on a surprise trip. Our first stops were Salt Creek Falls and the Odelle Butte lookout in central Oregon.
And ultimately we ended up in northern California. Click here to read more about our adventures there.

For the drive home, I wanted to explore a bit more of northern Oregon. We saw some pretty waterfalls and a beautiful sunset over the Columbia River Gorge. Click here to to read more.

That same month, my precious Nibbler had to have emergency, life saving surgery. This was such an emotional experience for me that I realized how much I really adore my cats and ended up writing a 7 part blogpost about them. Here's a link to the first.

In November, I traveled to Chicago to do an audition, visit my friend Kara, and see the sights. Our first day took us to the John Hancock building and Uno Pizzeria.

We spent the next day touring around the famous Museum of Science and IndustryThe day after was free day for 3 of the downtown museums. Click here for more about our day at the aquarium, the planetarium, and the field museum. 
And I spent my final day enjoying the art museum and admiring the Chicago bean.

A few weeks later I continued my audition tour in New York. Since I was there in December, I had to go see the window displays. I also had fun touring the Empire State building and getting stuck in the crowds at Rockefeller Center. 

I had several days before my next audition in Philadelphia, so I spent a few days in Woodbridge, VA with some extended family. Washington DC is super close by, and I spent my first day doing a walking tour of downtown. 
My kind hostess took me around to the Washington DC temple and the battlegrounds of the famous battle of Manasses (Bull Run).
The next day, I came back downtown to see Arlington cemetery and to check out a few of the museums.
I took a train to Philadelphia, and toured the area around the liberty bell before going back to New York.

Once all my auditions were over and done with, I spent the rest of the evening getting lost in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
After I'd exhausted myself on the east coast, I met up with Oscar and my family in Las Vegas to use up the remainder of our time share points for the year.

There we went hiking in the mountains, visited the Hoover Dam, watched the Bellagio fountains play, saw the conservatory decorated for Christmas, and saw some beautiful Las Vegas vistas

Oscar had to work on Christmas day that year, and since I didn't want to spend Christmas alone, I drove back to Utah with my family. We had fun touring Temple Square, seeing Santa Claus lane, and celebrating together as a family before they dropped me back to the airport at 4:30pm so I could get home to my honey for Christmas day eve.

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