Saturday, September 22, 2012

Timeline Mid 2010

If you've read my last post, you're probably asking how we're able to get enough time off of work in order to take all these trips. The truth is most of the time we don't need to take any time off. We do a lot of day trips, weekend trips, or short trips where we only need to have a day or 2 off. We did do a big vacation in late July that required a full week off of work, but otherwise we simply squeeze our travel in wherever we can. If we're already traveling a big distance for one thing, we try to take advantage of the distance we've already traveled and take a tour somewhere else before heading home. One example was going to Mt Ranier on the same day that Oscar did his 2nd half marathon in Ocean Shores, WA.

Click here to read more about our lovely day at Mr Ranier National Park. 

Our big trip to Canada began just a week later. Click here to read more about our crazy ferry adventures before we made it to Victoria, BC.
Though things started off a little crazy the day before, we never relax while we're on vacation, so we woke up early to hike Mt Douglas.

We were on foot the previous time we'd visited Victoria, so we took advantage of being able to see the sights further than walking distance. Click here to read about exploring Victoria in a vehicle. 

And a trip to Victoria in the summer is incomplete without a visit to Butchart Gardens!

After finally being satisfying that we had thoroughly explored Victoria, we continued up north on our journey to Nanaimo.

We took a little side trip the next day to take the ski lift up at Mt Washington Alpine resort.

On our way back to Nanaimo we took a small hike out to Little Qualicum Falls. 

The next day we hopped on a ferry over to the Canadian mainland. 

There we drove by Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls before making our way up to our hotel in Whistler.

On our first day in Whistler, we took the Peak to Peak sightseeing tour across both mountains. Fortunately it was buy 1 day pass, get one free, so we were able to come back the next day too. Click here for more about day 1.

That evening it was far too hot to stay in our rooms without air conditioning (they don't get hot temperatures enough to justify the cost), so we drove further north to take a hike to Nairn Falls.

And the next day we went further up the mountain to an area that doesn't get much sun. They're able to keep a T-line ski lift all year long.

On our final day in Whistler, we saw Alexander Falls and drove down the scenic sea to sky highway again.
We spent a couple of days exploring North Vancouver,

visiting the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge,

and enjoying the fireworks show we hadn't even known about.

We came back to the states the next day, but of course, we took a little detour to see Nooksak Falls and Mt Baker.

You'll be shocked to hear this after all the stuff we'd already done in 2010, but we actually had a couple days of paid time off that Oscar needed to use or lose before October. So in late September, we took a road trip going east. Our first stop took us to Palouse Falls.

But our ultimate destination was Glacier National Park. I'd seen a picture posted by a photographer friend of mine and knew I had to make a trip out there.

That same day we went ziplining for the first time, drove to Spokane for the night, and then traveled homeward bound through beautiful George, WA.

And to celebrate the arrival of Fall, Oscar ran another 1/2 marathon out in Leavenworth, WA.

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