Thursday, February 7, 2013

Epic Road Trip: Day 7 - Pebble Beach and Big Sur

On our final California coast day, Oscar and I decided to take the 17 mile drive around Pebble Beach.
Unfortunately the weather was not ideal for our sightseeing, but we still got some nice pics.

Though Oscar's tablet camera has the cool panorama feature, you can see from this pic on the right that my ipad camera is better. The coloring is considerably more accurate. I was definitely wearing a purple shirt that day, but it looked blue (top pic) in Oscar's camera.

Towards the end of the tour, we followed signs for a valley overlook. It's lovely, but this pic is zoomed in and enlarged. The view is very distant. They need some sort of lookout station to get you above all these trees.
Fortunately the weather began to clear up as were were leaving Pebble Beach.

I planned on us seeing a few coastal waterfalls along the way. Our first stop was Pfeffer Falls. Unfortunately this was an extremely dry year for California, and these falls have low watersheds, meaning they're best seen in the spring. We took a shortcut, causing us to originally miss the sign for the side trail leading to the falls and finding this lovely overlook by mistake.

The coastal drive is curvy and slow compared to I-5 or Highway 101, but it's definitely worth doing once on a nice day.

And at last we made it to Big Sur and beautiful McWay Falls - the main reason I wanted to travel the coastal route.

There really is no better combination of waterfall and scenery.

We couldn't linger in any one place too long that day since we had a lot of distance to travel. As it was we didn't make it to Burbank until after Midnight, and that's with getting on the freeway once it was too dark to see anything on the coast.

Next we dropped by Limekiln Falls.

And the beautiful views kept coming as we drove more and more south. 

We tried to hike to Salmon Creek Falls, but became discouraged and turned back when we saw from a distance that it wasn't going to be all that fantastic. Click here to see what it should look like on a year that's not so dry.
And the last sight to behold our eyes that day was seeing a bunch of sea lions asleep on the beach. It was marked as a tourist sight, so this must be a common area for them to sleep.

We spent the night and the next couple of days at Oscar's grandparents' house in Burbank, CA, and on Monday Oscar surprised me with a day at 6 flags. He's not a huge fan of crowded theme parks, so it was sweet of him to take me here. Our favorite ride by far was X2! It's completely disorienting since you lose track of which way you're facing or where exactly the ground is, but it's super fun.

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