Saturday, April 6, 2013

Epic Road Trip: Day 30 - Homeward Bound and Clear Creek Falls

After Yellowstone, we did finally take a bit of a break from adventuring and just enjoyed hanging out with our families. But on the way home, I wanted to veer off the standard route in order to see Clear Creek and Clear Lake Falls. It only added about an hour to the trip as opposed to being a 6 hour round trip in order to visit this area another time. We'd tried seeing them before, but I hadn't yet learned to check for elevations before determining if it would be a good time to visit waterfalls, and there was too much snow to make it worth the trip. That wasn't a problem this time. Our first stop was at Clear Lake Falls campground. It's one of those half dam/half natural waterfalls.

We had been able to see Upper Clear Creek Falls on our first trip. I'd hoped the road being snow free would allow for a better viewpoint, but unfortunately this one was still obstructed by the surrounding foliage.

But we were able to go down to the lower drop, which was completely impossible before. There was a nice view of the valley from the waterfall lookout.

And of course, the waterfall was beautiful!

After we got back to Washington, we had a few days before we could move into our new apartment. My sister was nice enough to take us in again. During that week, she and my niece were going on a hike to Twin Falls with a friend and her kids. I asked if I could tag along.

Sheryl's kids are amazing hikers. My goal is for my own kids to also be that in shape and that excited to go hiking.

Thus ends the last adventure of our epic road trip. Click here to read about all of our adventures from the very beginning.

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