Friday, September 27, 2013

Baby Ty: 2 months - 4 months (and some change)

Months 2 to 4 have been full of smiles, giggles, and grins! It's been so much fun to play with him. Oscar caught this cute pic of him looking all smug in his fish onesie and decided to use it as a motivational reward at work. When a member of his team sells a new RGU (revenue generating unit, such as having television service and then adding phone/internet to your account), he gives them this picture with the caption "Went fishin.' Caught an RGU."

Man he's crazy cute in his bouncer! I'm a sucker for that handsome face.

You can tell from the naked pic that he's started growing out. At his 2 month checkup, he weighed in at 14 pounds, and at his 4 month he weighed in at 18 pounds 10 ounces! He was about average in height (48th percentile), well above average in weight (93rd percentile), and very below average in head size (9th percentile). I like his cute head. I wouldn't have thought it was small. It's probably the reason his head is so nicely shaped in spite of a vaginal birth. I've had people see his head and ask me if I had a C-section.

Ty was never a huge fan of facing inwards in this carrier. He'd think it was time for nursing and would make mouth. We turned him around and he loves it! He looks around and is fascinated by everything he sees, plus the little jostle puts him right to sleep.

Tyler looks a lot like Oscar. He just loves being held by and playing with daddy! Sometimes we try to dress them alike so he can be Oscar's "mini-me."

Ty gave us his first smile on July 4th, and it continued to develop throughout the month. Fortunately some of his first most successful smiles came when Oscar thought it'd be a good photo opportunity to button him into his shirt.

He gives this pic out at work when someone gets a double RGU.

I didn't quite get a smile, but I love this cute shot of me and Ty.

In mid July we took a trip down to Utah for Oscar's sister, Julia's, wedding. While there mom borrowed from my uncle Jim the cradle she'd had me in when I was a baby. I loved seeing Ty in it with my own blanket.

Unfortunately he didn't want to sleep in a space larger than his container at home. He'd fall asleep in it, but then would fight going back into it. I had to sleep with him on the recliner like Oscar's dad's doing in the pic on the right. Fortunately both my mom and Oscar's parents had nice recliners with enough space to keep him snug in the crook of my arm.

Here's Ty playing with granny Hunt

My friend Rachie was leaving on her mission in August, so she met up with us at a Chick Fil A to say goodbye and meet baby Ty.

I love when he gives this smug look. He looks adorable in this orange striped onesie and jeans from mom.

Great Grandma Flinders found this "I love you" outfit at a gas station.

These are just some of the many, many outfits mom gave us. Thanks mom!

Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting him wear his newborn clothes too long. I stretched them out so much because I was so attached to them. By the time I put him in the next size up, he could barely wear them. This red MVP outfit was one of those. Hopefully a 2nd baby boy one day will get to wear it for longer.
Playing around!

At the end of July we bought our first house! It's a town home but there are no attached walls and the HOA is only $40 a month. We love it! Chris Koford from the ward helped Oscar move stuff out of the apartment. They got everything out and had lunch in just over 4 hours. My visiting teacher Molly helped me move the cats out of our place and into the new one so they wouldn't be in the way or getting scared by the move, and Cari helped out when I got back to the apartment. Fortunately Ty slept a lot so I was able to do some work too. At 6pm several more people joined us to help move in. They got everything out of the moving truck and into the house (with 2 flights of stairs to deal with) in about an hour. It was by far the smoothest move we've ever done, and we're super grateful for the help we received, but I do have to give a bit of credit to us too. We worked hard in the preceding month to get as much prepacked as possible. It's a LOT easier to help someone move when everything is already packed and all you need to do is transport.

When we returned to the apartment the next day to clean up, the sister missionaries helped us out. I was pretty limited since Ty was being demanding of my attention, but when I put him in the frontpack and started vacuuming, he went right to sleep. He doesn't like when I bend over with it on, so I was limited to window washing and vacuuming.

Our new place!

The joys of breastfeeding! It's great and provides excellent nourishment for Ty, but he's very particular about how he's fed. This position on the boppy on the recliner/rocker with my legs up is how he likes it. He feeds terribly in any other position and if I use a cover, he plays with it. I do get pretty sleepy sometimes (particularly during night feedings), so I've figured out a position (left) that lets me lay back and fall asleep.

Sometimes Nibbler joins us. Nibbler likes sitting on the right side of my chest, and even if Ty's feeding on the right, he tries to sit there. He will not move to the other side. That's when I have to kick him off. Sometimes I've even shot breast milk at him to make him go away. But I love it when he sits there as long as Ty's feeding on the left.

People told me to entertain a baby all I needed was a swing. We do have one, but he's very particular about it, and it certainly isn't enough to satisfy him. He likes this gym a lot so we took it to Utah with us during our 2nd trip in August. I was delighted to see that our 13 month old niece Mary really enjoyed it too. Of course she's developed enough that she can sit up and play with the toys. Hopefully Ty continues to like it when he reaches her age.

Here he is being fed by Hana and playing with daddy. I usually take Ty in to Oscar in the morning for some father son time.

Baby pajamas are so cute, especially the footies! I love the little wiener dogs on this one on the left and the cute blue footballs on the one on the right.

He's such a chunky monkey! Look at those rolls! But since he's exclusively breastfed, I'm not concerned. There are no empty calories in it, and they burn it off quickly once they get mobile.

This outfit was in the bunch that mom sent up with Martha when Ty was first born. I forgot to pull it out until August, so he couldn't wear it for July 4th. I put it on him on August 4th since, after all, it was still his first 4th...of August.
Up until this day Ty refused to sleep in anything but a tight container. When he fell asleep one evening playing in his gym, I knew it was okay to start putting him in a larger bed. That's when we started putting him in the large bassinet in the pack and play.

He's so cute when he sleeps! He looks like a little porcelain doll.

Fry decided the boppy's not just for breastfeeding.
I love coming down to see Oscar loving our baby boy.

Mom got us several of these cute jumping beans outfits. I wish I'd taken more pictures of them before he outgrew them (since I'm sure you're all shocked at how few pictures I have ;)).
Being loved by Grandma Jinks and Grandpa Hunt

While we were in Utah we took him to Hoogle Zoo where they had several Lego animals like the polar bear behind me. We also took him for "baby's first miniature golf." He's holding a red golf ball in the right pic.
Having fun and being cute with his toys!

Flying with daddy and playing on mommy's legs in his Varsity Champ outfit. I kept putting these shorts on him without even realizing they went with this particular onesie.

Shannon gave us this cute onesie on the left. It has a tray of sushi and says "this is how I roll." The overalls in the middle pic nearly didn't get used at all. They were in a pile with 12 month stuff and I only discovered them when I started hanging up the 12 months stuff. He got to wear it a couple times before he grew out of it.

He grabbed Fry's tail and tried to suck on it. Fortunately Fry's a sweet cat and puts up with anything.

Here are some more cute outfits mom gave us. They said 3 month but looked bigger than that so I waited for him to wear them since we already had a ton of 3 month stuff. I was right about most of them, but the octopus outfit in the middle looked bigger than it was. He only got to wear it once and even then it was tight. I need to start taking pics of every one of his outfits since I get so attached to them. I never understood other moms when they would say they were attached to their kids' baby clothes and would keep them even after the baby had grown out of them. Now I do, though my minimalist husband would never let me keep them once we're done having kids. Even if I wanted to, he'd take them to Goodwill while I wasn't paying attention.

He's so adorable in his crocodile overalls, though it is a bit of a pain to get overalls on him. There are so many buttons to deal with while he squirms around. Though the benefit is they prevent the shirt from coming up. He plays with and sucks on his shirts if he doesn't have overalls holding them down.

My little all star!

He's so handsome! He's gonna break some hearts!
I liked this little lion outfit (complete with bib) but the onesie shrank a ton after the first wash. He still uses the pants and the bib, but I had to put the onesie away.

More cute pajamas. I love the polar bear footies!

My baby looks so good in green

Just hanging out being cute!

We thought for sure Nibbler would get spit up on when he sat between Oscar and Tyler, but instead he got pet. He'll even stay on the changing table while I change Ty, even if Tyler kicks him in the face!

I still think ducks look too girly on him, so I add these very "manly" shorts to the outfit.

Carolyn Hansen gave us an old shopping cart cover, which I brought downstairs so Ty could have something soft to lay down on the hard floor where he can practice rolling and wiggling without toys getting in the way. Fry decided it's his new cat bed.

My monkey man in his cute monkey outfits

Sleeping in the pack and play bassinet

Jazzercise! All he needs is a bright green headband with this bright red and blue outfit and he could be sweatin' to the oldies!
Sweet father/son in green and gray.

Crazy about my happy boy!

He's my tiny monster! The click of the ipod camera was enough to send him from peacefully sleeping on the left to my tiny monster on the right.

Jumping in the johnny jump up I found at the thrift store for $7

Cute monkey boy! He's starting to roll on his side. He even looks like a monkey in the big pic. It's like he's a monkey scratching his tummy. He accidentally got blood on this outfit from my trimming one of his nails too low. I hope it comes out...

Fun times with daddy on his lunch break

Mommy's a sucker for that cute face!

Sometimes Ty's chest gets cold from his drooling and spit up if I've forgotten to get a bib on him. When that happens I change him, cover him with a warm blanket, rub him gently and say "Warm, warm, warm, warm warm the baby!" He loves it and giggles like crazy.

One of his cute monkey pajamas a coworker of Oscar's gave him. It's funny that they're 3-6 month Gerber pajamas and he's just fitting in them at 4 months when he grew out of the 6-9 month Gerber onesies last week!

The Lawrence ladies gave us this cute outfit set at the Utah shower. I love the frog on the bum!

Oscar's doing "Ty-cep dips!"

Can he get any cuter!
I've discovered that tummy time is much more enjoyable for Ty when he has toys in front of him to reach for. It takes much longer for him to get fussy.

Rockin' it out in his monkey jammies!

Lori Vance got us these cute long sleeve onesies and a teether toy.

He loves watching the baby mobile, though it doesn't put him to sleep

He looks so adorable in this bull dog jacket from Aunt Sharon!

And best of all, he wears himself out playing and laughing with daddy! The laugh in this video is the sweetest sound in the world!

Interesting tidbits:

Ty slept through the night for the first time today. Unfortunately I didn't. I kept waking up to check on him and absolutely had to pump after 6 and 1/2 hours. Hopefully I can adjust since I'd love to start getting some more sleep.

I finally got the nerve up to try cutting his nails. I made it all the way to the last nail and then made him bleed and cry :(

Ty's started doing this hilarious thing during nursing where he pulls off the boob to smile and giggle at me, especially if I'm smiling or giggling at something. He starts crying when he realizes he's not getting milk anymore. It's adorably cute and incredibly annoying at the same time.