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Baby Tyler: birth - 2 months

Ty slept reasonably well the first night we brought him home. At first we put him to sleep with a pacifier, but since he'd wake up crying every time it fell out, I stopped putting him to bed with it. Though the first 3 hours were hard, he then gave us a nice break and slept 5 hours straight. Granny and Grandpa Hunt stopped by to see him once more and take a few pictures before they started their long drive home.

At 11am that day we took him for his first pediatrician appointment. He was down to 7 pounds 9 ounces. We then stopped by the nearby Fred Meyer to pick up a prescription for me. Oscar held Ty in one of their recliners while I shopped.

We snapped this cute shot of Ty holding in his own pacifier. Unfortunately this motion has now become knocking out his own pacifier. He had to wear mittens for the first couple of months since he was always scratching his face.

This baby hammock has been one of the best things we've bought, and it only cost me $12 at Goodwill (you can get it new at Target for $75). He loves it!

That Saturday we met up with Nick and Liz in Redmond for Ty's first dinner out. He slept the whole time.

Our little captain adorable is so fun to photograph! I think this adorable onesie was one that Marianna brought us at the hospital.

Ty mostly slept for those first weeks, so we have a lot of adorable sleeping poses. Oscar's big toe is as large as Tyler's whole foot!

Snoozing with daddy and mommy!

Nibbler eying Tyler up during Tummy time.

We had to bottle feed pumped milk at the beginning since Ty and I took about a week to master breastfeeding (we're champs now!). Oscar was feeding him in the monkey, and Ty continued eating after he let go of the bottle. The pic he took makes it look like the bottle's bigger than the baby! Bottle propping doesn't work these days, though, since Ty moves too much.

Oscar, Tyler, and Nibbler - my 3 favorite males! Tyler's in the dog blanket Granny Hunt brought up for him.

I ordered a pack and play for Ty to sleep in that advertised it had a bassinet attachment. It turned out just to be that the base could be raised up to bassinet level, but it's still as large as the pack and play in width and length. That didn't come until Saturday, so in the meantime we made a makeshift bassinet from a storage container. We used the blankets our moms and Liz and Nick gave to us for padding and comfort. Ty loved it! When the pack and play came, he started squirming and spinning around in it immediately. He missed the snug space and being able to reach out to touch the sides of his container. We ended up keeping him in it until he outgrew it. One benefit is that we could stick the lid on top when he wasn't using it so the cats wouldn't jump inside and make it their own fur filled bed.

Ty was never a huge fan of being swaddled except for the first few days after birth. Pretty soon this is what would happen when we would attempt to swaddle him.

We didn't do a lot of cosleeping, but there were a few naps where Ty just didn't want to sleep without being held. It was usually on Oscar. Whenever he was on me, he thought it meant it was time to nurse and would get very restless.

Sometimes Nibbler would join the sleeping party.

Oscar misses these days. Now when he puts Ty in this hold, he gets upset the way he would when we put him in tummy time on the floor.

Some of our friends and family brought over or sent up gifts. The cute monkey blanket came from Diane Arrington in the ward, my friend/sister from another mother, Rachael, sent up the "I love my Aunt" oncesie, and Oscar's aunt Erin handmade several bibs for Tyler. They fit now but back then they were enormous on him.

Here's me holding Ty while my hair sets at Everett Cosmotology school. Mom kept an eye on him while I was having my hair done. She stayed with us for just over 2 weeks to help out.

 We liked putting Ty in his monkey bed with his monkey outfit and calling it "monkeyception" - a monkey, on a monkey on a monkey.

Here he is in his car seat depressed that he's no longer being held. He's a huge cuddlebug!
Here's his self portrait he took with Oscar's phone.

Oscar and Tyler doing their self respective pushups.

And just chillin' out on the boppy with grandma.

Mom had lots of fun with him. She also brought us up a ton of stuff, most of which was adorable baby clothes. She still continues to buy more and spoil Tyler. He'll be one well dressed little man! She seriously is like the crazy coupon lady when it comes to baby clothes. Unless I say otherwise, all of his outfits pictured are from her. Thanks mom!

Hana likes getting to hold him when she comes to visit.

And daddy just loves to play with him.

The rest of my family came up for about a week.We took Ty swimming, but he wasn't a huge fan of the water or the direct sunlight.

Dad was thrilled to be with all of his grandchildren for Father's Day.
And to be with "all of his posterity and their spouses."

If you're wondering where I am in all these pics, this is pretty much what I do all day long. I exist to serve this child, and mostly he wants food. He was definitely a cluster feeder those first weeks.

Man he's cute! He'd grown out of his newborn clothes by then, but I was so attached to this one that I stretched it as far as it would go.

Here's Ty playing on the gym mom gave us during his last days as a newborn.

Oscar put Ty in headphones for a photo opportunity. It ended up putting him right to sleep.

The pic in the middle of him looking like a cute little sandman was taken on July 4th. Somphien Manivan gave us the sleeping gown he's wearing. He fell asleep in his stroller and slept through the loud booms and hooting and hollering of the fireworks that night. When this kid is out, he is out! Nothing will wake him, including a vacuum and an elevator alarm. The difficulty is getting him to that "out" point.

These were also taken on the 4th. He first started smiling for us while playing around in this red, white, and blue outfit.

I just couldn't resist taking more monkeyception photos.

Time for some "ducking" adorable photos. My sister's spell check changed her post about Ty to "ducking adorable," so I took these pics to make her laugh.

Daddy time.
Tummy time on the boppy. At first Ty would actually roll over when we put him in tummy time. The first time he did it was at 8 days old. He got so mad he'd flip over. We put him on the boppy to prevent it, but he still figured out a way to roll over and off of it. He used to roll over all the time, but now we haven't seen him do it in about 2 months.

I love green, and I love Ty in green. I stretched this outfit out too since I loved seeing him in it.

Supposedly yellow is a gender neutral color, but Ty always looked like a girl in yellow. I even had a waitress assume he was a girl when he was wearing this yellow onesie. I started putting him in blue jeans to make him look more manly.

At first I tried putting double sided tape on the changing table to deter the cats from sitting there. It obviously didn't work :)

Notable events from Ty's first few weeks

Meconium disaster! - Meconium is the first poop babies make, which usually gets taken care of by the nurses at the hospital. Ty had several meconium diapers beyond the hospital, the worst one being 3 days after his birth. What made it so bad though, was that he still had on the wrappings from his circumcision. We'd been told it would come off easily, but the meconium basically glued them to him. I had to hold him down while Oscar had to ease that wrapping off incredibly gently as Ty screamed his head off. I don't blame him since it must have felt like having his penis waxed, which would have been extra sensitive from his recent circumcision. We ended up having to put him in the bathtub, and even then it still took a bit of time. But come off it did, and now he's fully recovered.

Physically advanced - Ty rolled over early and began working on holding his head up at 11 days. We compared him to youtube videos about baby development, and he's way ahead of what's typical. He's super strong. He throws himself around and moves a lot, so you have to hold onto him tight. He began standing with our help at around 6 weeks, which isn't typical until about 4 months. He crunches in his monkey all the time too.

Temperament - He's crazy sweet! He loves to be held and sung to, and he even seems to have a preference for opera when music is on. He also enjoys the baby backpack, his stroller, and heavy rain white noise. It must remind him of mommy. He's easily comforted and consoled. On the downside, he's not a huge fan of anything but being held. His bouncer, gym, swing, and seat all entertain him for awhile, but not for long. He'd be happy being constantly held and played with.

Eating - Ty loves nursing. Sometimes it seems all he wants to do is suck all day long. He initially lost a little weight the first week like most babies do, but then it came back with a vengeance. He was back to birth weight (8.3 pounds) at his 2 week appointment, 10.2 pounds at 1 month, and 14 pounds at 2 months. He has a preference for nursing on a recliner with a boppy, and nurses terribly in any other position. He'll pull on and off the boob in protest, even if I'm holding his head right up to it. If I nurse him right after pumping and the boob is mostly empty, he shows his displeasure by beating it. He'll take a bottle, but he doesn't love it, and we can't use anything but newborn nipples yet or he'll choke on too much liquid and drool it out. To give him a full feeding would take over an hour. We really only use it to tide him over.

Sleeping - not fantastic yet. He has long stretches sometimes, but not consistently. He hasn't found a real pattern yet, but at least his most tired part of the day is at night, and he'll usually go back to sleep after his feeding. Sometimes he groans, stretches, and thrashes in his sleep and then will go right back to sleeping peacefully. It explains all the movements I kept feeling while I was pregnant. 

Pee-mergency - there was a diaper change that could not have gone more wrong. First he peed on me (which he does often), then as I'm cleaning that up he pees again. Then while I work on that he has some explosive pooping, and as I'm working on that he spits up and pees on me again! It would have been more trouble than it's worth to try to clean him that way, so I brought him in to Oscar to give him a bath. Oscar always bathes him since he hops in the bath with him. It's very cute, but only I can enjoy it.

His first word (sort of) - one of Ty's little coos sounds a lot like "Hi." One time I said "Hi Ty" and he totally cooed "Hi" back. Oscar heard it too and he couldn't believe how much it sounded like "Hi." Then in July while we were in Utah, Oscar said "Hi Ty," and he definitely cooed "Hi" back, though this time he sounded angry. Oscar's mom got to hear that one.

His first giggle - I was telling Oscar that if Ty ever goes bald, he'll bald exactly like Oscar did since they have the same hairline. Ty responded with a very clear giggle that lasted about 6 seconds. We loved it!

Appearance - for the most part he looks like Oscar. They've got the same shape of their head and face, and he has Oscar's prominent widow's peak. He has my nose and eyes, and he has Oscar's grandpa Flinder's red hair.

Precious moment - there was a time that I was holding my baby boy thinking about how I control everything that happens to him right now, but that one day I'll have to let him go. I'll have to trust that I've taught him enough to make the right choices, and I'll have accept those choices he makes that I wouldn't choose myself. It made me cry.

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