Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ty's Utah Baby Shower

My mom, aunt Kathy, and Oscar's mom also threw us a shower while we were down in Utah. They did a great job! The food was fabulous and the games were super fun. My friend Lisi made the cake. Since Tyler was conceived with IVF, we thought a science cake would be appropriate. It was adorable! Beaker and Bunsen from the muppets are conducting an experiment (the purple cloud is cotton candy) while a baby Tyler sits on a periodic table. The front of the cake says "Made with Love and Science."

Unfortunately I only got pictures of the cake. I wish I'd had someone taking pictures of the whole shower like Waleska did at the first one. Lots of people gave us adorable baby clothes, but since Ty's already so big, I requested anyone purchasing clothes to buy them extra large. I'll post pictures of Ty wearing them as he grows into them in future posts.
I loved the diaper game from the Washington shower, so I requested Martha mom have it at this shower. It was fun, and Shannon got some cute pics

 As for non clothing gifts, Pam got us a pacifier clip, soothie binkies, and disposable diaper bags.

Ann gave us $10 and a cute fleece blanket that burrito wraps around him nicely.

Jasmine gave us the elephant rattle, Somphien gave us the blanket toy, and mom got us the colored rattle, portable vibrator, music toy, binkies and teether bear. Mom got us lots of gifts actually, including 2 baby gates and lots of diapers. I'll post pics of the gates once we get them put up when he starts moving around.

Erin Jensen got us outlet plugs, nasal aspirator, ventaire bottle, and some dark chocolate goji.

Vivianne got us an all in one health care kit and a safety first ear thermometer.

 Chante got Tyler an on the go baby first aid kit (it's in the car and I keep forgetting to take a picture), and aunt Sylvia gave us $20, which will most likely be spent on diapers.

 Heidi gave us a shopping cart cover and an enormous box of diapers.

Shannon's family got us several things, including this cute baby mobile.

They also gave us a childproofing kit, a "baby" photo frame, clothes, baby eating set, a boppy, and Grandma Yoshi crocheted Ty a lovely blanket. A couple of those things were duplicates (the Lawrences also gave me a boppy), so I returned them and will be buying a jumparoo for Ty. There's one at the childcare at the gym and he loves it, but we didn't start going to the gym until after we got back from Utah, so we had no way of knowing about it beforehand or I would have put one on my registry. I'm glad there were some duplicates since it's not cheap, but by combining several returns I can afford it.

Some people wondered why I wanted another boppy when I already had one. The reason is because I want one upstairs and one downstairs. I never know how I'm going to feel at a nighttime feeding, so whether I feed him upstairs or downstairs is always up in the air. If I'm really tired, I do not want to come down the steep stairs. I nearly fell down them once from the dizziness (fortunately I just fell into the side of the wall). But if I'm reasonably awake, I do come down since the changing table's downstairs and I can grab some water and watch TV while I nurse him.

Because I don't know where I'll be feeding him, I can't just grab the boppy and take it with me when Ty goes down to sleep at night. Even when I was trying to do that, I kept forgetting it, or I'd come downstairs to feed only to find I'd already brought it upstairs. I tried feeding him upstairs without a boppy a few times, but he feeds terribly without it, plus holding him up with my arms wakes me up, which of course defeats the purpose of staying upstairs in the first place. I may be spoiled, but that 2nd boppy has been one of the best gifts I received. Plus now that he usually sleeps in the crib during the day, it's nice to use just to help rock him to sleep in the rocker near his bed (which Oscar got me for my birthday). Ty's so heavy now that I really need the support if it's going to be more than a couple minutes.

Oscar's cousin Natalie got Ty this cute owl blanket

Mom got us these two 3 month outfits that fit him already. Fortunately they're stretchy and will fit him for awhile.

Mom, Kathy, Manda, and Heidi gave us lots and lots of diapers, which are greatly appreciated since this boy is being nursed and goes through several diapers a day.

Aunt Kathy got us this 3 month onesie. It was adorable, but he could only wear it once since it was already a bit snug. Fortunately I took lots of picture, and hopefully we'll have another baby boy who can wear it too.

Oscar's aunt Erin made us bibs, burpcloths, and a blanket. The pattern on the blanket and burpcloths is adorable! It has Book of Mormons, bikes, and missionaries and says "I want to be a missionary when I grow big and tall."

Shannon bought us these bibs when she came up just after Ty was born. At the time I thought these would be the only bibs I'd ever need since they're great for eating solids. I'd never even heard of burp cloths before I had Ty, and I didn't understand why you would even need a bib before solids. Then my boy started spiting up...

Shannon also got us a nice baby walker. Pics will follow once he's able to use it.

Jasmine and my mom gave us sippy cups, and Arlene Hawkes gave us a portable baby food masher.

Oscar's aunt Kat gave us this baby proofing set and her daughters gave us cute little gifts too.

And Grandma Hatch made this amazing science blanket! What an incredible job she did!

Thanks to mom, Kathy, and Martha mom for a great shower, and thanks to everyone for coming and for the great gifts!

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  1. What a cute idea! To make a thank you note of a blog post. It was fun to see you and I am so glad that you have Tyler!