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Baby Ty: 4 months - 6 months

Back in July we visited Oscar's family for Julia's wedding and took advantage of everyone's presence to get some Hunt family pictures taken. Nothing professional, but we did color coordinate. I like the black monkey onesie Oscar's mom picked up for Ty. Here's our little family and all of the Hunt boys, including Tyler.

But the crowning jewel was not an intended picture. Oscar put Ty above his head and he spat up all over him! It was hilarious!

I have a baby bath for Ty, but we've figured out that having him bathe with Oscar works better for all of us. He bathes Ty while I get a towel, a new diaper and a change of clothes ready, and then I take him, dry him off and change him while Oscar finishes off his own shower. Typically this happens after a "poop-mergency," so I'm usually also cleaning whatever clothes/toys Tyler was in and getting a load of laundry started.

Baby Ty in his "No More Monkey Business" t-shirt from mom.

I have to say I'm a much bigger fan of onesies than shirts. Although shirts have the benefit of allowing you to check his pants more easily, they ride up on him and show off his bare belly.

Ty loves his newest large toys - the jumperoo and the walker! Technically these are Shannon's gift and her family's gift from Ty's 3 month baby shower, even though they didn't actually purchase them. Shannon had originally bought us an adorable Winnie the Pooh walker I'd put on Ty's baby registry, but after receiving it I found it to be too tall even on the lowest setting. The baby needed to be at least 28 inches long, and Ty's not even that tall now at nearly 8 months. Since we wanted Ty to be able to use the walker sooner than later, I sent it back and used the credit to purchase the jumperoo. I then purchased this cheaper, shorter walker from Walmart with credit from a couple duplicates I'd received from Shannon's sweet family. It has less toys than the other one Shannon had bought, but Ty loves these giraffes and likes to suck on them and play with the little toys on the rack. We can also add additional toys to the tray and attach some to the giraffes so he's not lacking for toys to play with. Even though it's significantly shorter than the other one, it still took about a month for him to grow tall enough to use it. As adorable as that other walker was, I'm glad I sent it back.

I read some articles that babies aren't supposed to use walkers anymore, and even at Ty's pediatrician I was advised not to let him use one. They don't help them learn to walk any faster, if anything they'll take longer to learn how, and when they do walk they often start off a bit bowlegged. I'm not too concerned though, since Ty doesn't walk around in it all day like some babies. Mostly he's in it for the toys, and for months all he could ever do was scoot himself backwards. Even now he doesn't travel very far in it, so I'm not too concerned about it affecting his walking.

The outfit above was a gift at Ty's Utah baby shower. I actually got two of the same onesie from two different people, and I can't remember who either are from. If you'd like to take credit so I can thank you properly, just comment at the end of the post.

Silly Fry. He's always looking for new things to sit on.

Another cute onesie from the shower. Unfortunately it shrunk immediately so Ty only got to wear it a couple times. I hope I have another baby boy who can get more wear out of some of Ty's pre-shrunk clothing.

We never got around to really decorating Ty's room. I would have liked to, but decorating is expensive, and we'd just bought a house, bought a nice bike for Oscar now that we're no longer 1/4 mile away from his work, and paid our out of pocket costs for Ty's hospital birth. I hope to be a bit more creative with the nursery whenever baby #2 comes along.

We wanted to go with a science baby theme and bright vibrant colors, which is at least represented with Ty's science baby blanket from grandma Hatch. But now it's a mix of themes and colors since there's a sports comforter and dinosaur bumpers and a crib sheet in sage green and pastels. I use Ty's bumpers in lieu of a dust ruffle since bumpers inside the crib are discouraged these days, and even at the bottom of the crib, they've turned out to be useful for more than just decorative purposes. Ty's started rolling around on the floor a lot lately, and he would have hurt himself several times from smacking his head against the crib if not for the cushion of these bumpers. Most bumpers are very pricey (around $80 at least), but fortunately mom picked these up cheap at Goodwill.

Mommy and daddy with their sweet, sweet baby. Oscar's holding him in the hip hammock I found at Goodwill, and I'm rocking Ty to sleep on the recliner. Would you believe after being that sweet and peaceful he woke up immediately upon being put in his crib, had to be rocked and held again, and fought sleep for nearly an hour?!

Pat Webb, who we knew from our first married ward and who grew up with my mom, got Tyler this cute outfit. I love the elephant on the bum! Here Ty is sizing up Fry.

Grandma Flinders got Ty a set of onesies, including this yellow striped one, and mom got him the cute shorts. Below were the other onesies from the same set.

When Ty was a newborn, we loved putting him in this cute little monkey outfit (above middle), even though it was warm with long sleeves during the summertime. When he was on his monkey rocker, Oscar took the pic above and called it "monkeyception" - a monkey on a monkey on a monkey. He grew out of the outfit, so I later tried to make more monkeyception pictures of him in his monkey pajamas.

This pic above is the ultimate monkeyception photo. Ty's a monkey on a monkey with monkey pajamas and a monkey blanket. Too bad I couldn't get a smile out of him. I think it was just too early in the morning for him.

Ty used to HATE tummy time, but he became much more interested in it once I started putting toys down for him to reach for. Now he's a tummy time champ. He rolls over and sleeps on his tummy too, even though I typically put him down on his back.

Ty in his cute "Grandma's Little Dude" outfit from aunt Sharon and "I Rock" monkey outfit from mom (which we had in both 3-6 and 6-9 months). I love dressing up Tyler to match Oscar.

Ty is sooooo adorable when he's sleeping, and there's no where he'd rather be than in daddy's arms. Seriously, he sleeps better there than even if he falls asleep in my arms or while nursing on me. On this particular occasion he'd already woken up from a 45 minute nap, so we weren't expecting him to go back to sleep. But within minutes of being handed off to Oscar, he fell deeply and happily asleep for over 3 hours.

Ty would never co-sleep with me, even though I tried desperately to get him to nurse in bed when he was a newborn waking up every 2-3 hours. Sometimes we can co-sleep on the recliner while he nurses, but it never lasts very long. However, Ty loves to co-sleep with Oscar. Ty typically would fall asleep tummy down on Oscar, like in the middle pic above, and Oscar would then bring him up to the bedroom and lie down with him. Usually Ty would wake up if he tried to place him to the side, but one time on our bed he was able to put him where I normally sleep. After that he started bringing Ty into the guest bedroom where there's no frame but just a mattress and box springs pushed against the wall. It's safer for Ty since he can't fall off on one side and would only have a short distance to fall if he fell off the other side, plus there's no headboard which can be fatally dangerous to babies. On a few occasions both Ty and Oscar would turn to their tummies, like in the pic on the left.

Only on extremely rare occasion does Ty actually fall asleep while playing, but it's super cute when he does.

Ty learned to roll over about a week before he turned 5 months. I could tell it was coming from seeing him on his side like the pic on the left. Then one day I put him down, turned around, heard him crying, and found him on his tummy.

This is one of our favorite things to do with Ty, move his legs up and down while we rock in the recliner. We call it "crunch." He smiles and giggles, which did happen this time but any pics I got of him smiling were super blurry.

Halloween with Ty was fun. We took him to our ward Halloween party, and I took him out trick or treating in this "Hand over the candy and nobody gets hurt" shirt with his Mike Sully costume over it. Oscar and I shopped at Value Village where we found my Snow White costume used for $15, Tyler's new for $10, and Oscar's new for $40. We couldn't find a monster costume for me to blend with Oscar and Tyler, so we joked around that the story is actually called "Snow White and the Seven Green Monsters!" The Snow White costume was a great deal since I saw a similar brand new Cinderella costume for $40, and the one I bought had very little wear on it. It was a bit more than we were intending to spend for Oscar, but when we saw the Oscar the Grouch costume, we knew we had to have it. He can wear it for many years to come, even if it's not Halloween, such as at work as a reward for his team performing well or for fun at our kids' birthday parties.

It actually turned out to be a good investment since Oscar won the costume contest at his work and brought home a $50 AMEX gift card. They took pictures of everyone who'd worn costumes and he had his picture taken while holding Tyler, whom everyone just assumed was a mini Oscar the Grouch.

During month 4 Tyler had a pretty bad sleep regression. Part of the reason was that he'd wake up frequently after having kicked his blanket off and no longer felt snug and warm. We solved that problem by purchasing him a couple sleep sacks. They zip over him so he feels like he's wearing a blanket but can't kick them off. The sleep regression didn't solve itself entirely, but they made a big difference. He could go much longer stretches before waking up.

Even though he was getting too big for this sleepsack, I couldn't resist getting him the Tuxedo. It was so cute!

He's even more adorable in his Tuxedo onesie from Julia. A couple times I even had him wearing his Tuxedo onesie underneath his Tuxedo sleep sack. Tuxedo-ception!

There's so much more laundry now that Ty's joined our family! Here's a cute pic of the cats curled up in the milddle of it all. The three of them cuddle together a lot these days. I guess they need extra comfort now that there's a baby in the house and we give them maybe 1/3rd of the attention we used to. But that's one thing I love about having cats. They're so easy going. If we'd had dogs that were our babies before we had a baby, they would have probably been pretty jealous of Tyler. The vet warned that sometimes cats do get jealous of the newcomer and become hostile towards them, but that it's considerably more likely to happen with dogs since dogs get so much more attached to their humans than cats do. We bought a feliway diffuser that shoots out cat pheremones in order to help them feel less stressed after we'd had Ty, and it worked like a charm. I'd find the cats sitting around it cleaning themselves looking absolutely content. Not all cats respond to it (it didn't seem to affect Nibbler much), but when it does, it works great!

Cute boy in his Sushi "this is how I roll" onesie from Shannon and Baseball pants from mom.

The middle pic was one of the last times he played on one of the floor gyms (we have two). Once he started rolling, they lost their appeal to him. I've put them both away, but I'm hoping he'll be interested in them again once he can sit up solidly. Our niece, Mary, was having a ball sitting up playing with the one we brought down to Utah when she was 12 months old, so hopefully the interest will rekindle when he can sit closer to the toys.

A few more shots of Ty in his cute outfits. Oscar's trying to both hold Tyler and eat meat in the middle one. Ty received two of that same blue onesie, but since it's cute, I exchanged the extra one for the next size up.

Mommy and daddy with their adorable baby. I love this shot of Ty and me!
And the crowning jewel of our Fall season was having a big food fight with the Kawaguchi family. An artistic photographer friend of my sister's wanted to take pictures of a family holiday dinner for her portfolio, and my sister thought my house would be a great place to hold it due to our open floor plan and hardwood floors. It was super fun!

Originally I'd intended to keep Ty out of the pictures and out of the line of fire, but in the end he stayed, which in my opinion, makes the food fight look even more realistic. Seriously, who stages a food fight with their 5 month old!? And aren't these pics of Ty in the aftermath of the food fight just adorable? I'm glad he got to wear his "Baby's 1st Thanksgiving" onesie from mom, too. It just makes it even more precious.

I literally squealed when Ty put the lettuce to his mouth, and I'm thrilled we got a picture of it. He was only trying to suck his fingers and just happened to have a piece of lettuce caught on his hand, but it totally looks like he's eating it. And Oscar's rockin' a nice mashed potato mohawk!

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