Thursday, February 27, 2014

Timeline 2013

2013 didn't contain nearly as much hiking and sightseeing as we usually get up to, but it was eventful nonetheless. We finally got to welcome in a new addition to our family, and this time it wasn't of the feline variety! We also took a few trips, saw lots of family, and had all kinds of crazy fun with our new little man.

We got to start the year off with a fun visit from Oscar's youngest sister Melissa. She'd decided to serve an LDS mission and wanted to see us before leaving for Michigan. It was great to hang out with her for a bit, and now we get to enjoy reading her mission emails each Monday. It's nice to have a little spiritual boost to begin our week with.

Unfortunately it wasn't a great year for auditioning and performing. I did a few auditions that I felt I'd performed well at, but nothing went my way. One of the directors admitted that my pregnancy was a casting concern, and I can't say I blame her for not wanting to cast a woman in her 3rd trimester. Another didn't come out and say my upcoming motherhood was a factor, but when I received my call, they told me becoming a first time mom was going to be full of unanticipated challenges for me, so I imagine it may have influenced their decision. I got a flat tire the day I was supposed to audition for Tacoma Opera, and since I was due anytime (and ended up going into labor the very next day), I didn't feel comfortable driving all the way down to Tacoma on a spare tire that can only handle so much speed and mileage. I actually did cast in "A Christmas Carol," but their main donor pulled out and the show was cancelled. And for my last audition of the year, I ended up getting horribly sick on audition day. Now that I have a baby and hope to have more children, I don't know when I'll be able to get back in the performing game. Hopefully I don't get too rusty.

In mid-January Oscar got to take a business trip to the Philippines for a week. My work was very slow as always happens in January, so I pretty much just hung out alone with 4 cats. We had an extra then since we'd offered to take in a cat belonging to one of Oscar's co-worker's while she was looking for a new apartment. He's the one on top of the fridge. His name is Selleck, named after Tom Selleck, because of the big black patch under his nose that looks like a mustache. He was nice, cute, reasonably affectionate, and didn't have any bad cat habits, but he and Nibbler did not get along at first. It took a lot longer for the two of them to warm up to each other than when we've cat sat before. They just seemed to rub each other the wrong way, and there was a lot of hissing, growling, and swiping. Fortunately Selleck was extremely agile and could jump to places the other cats had never gotten to, so he was able to find his own personal space when he just needed to get away from them. Eventually they learned how to get up to his spots, but it took awhile, and by then they'd all gotten used to each other. He first warmed up to Fry, which surprised us since Fry was the most unhappy when Nibbler first joined our family and when we cat sat Gregory and Princess for Manda and Kenneth. He warmed up to Leela soon after, but he and Nibbler took weeks to get used to each other. Eventually the hissing, growling, and swiping stopped, and they'd even sit close to each other, but they never really bonded over nearly 5 months. I guess some dominate male cats will never be best friends.

At the end of January, I popped! Before then you couldn't necessarily tell I was pregnant, but by 28 weeks there was no mistaking it.

As early as only 16 weeks pregnant, everyone kept asking me if I could feel the baby move yet. I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks. Baby had a nice cushion of fat to squirm against, so he had to get pretty big before I could feel a thing. The first time I did, I said to Oscar "I don't know if that was the baby moving or just a stomach gurgle from something I ate." But of course, he continued moving more and more, so I figured it out pretty quickly. Below are some fun ways that Tyler was already showing his personality off in utero.

January 20, 2013 I just started feeling the baby move recently, and he squirmed like crazy today in sacrament meeting, particularly during the opening hymn and the passing of the sacrament. I'm going to take that as a good sign, like John the Baptist leaping for joy in his mother's womb when Mary comes to visit.
January 24, 2013 In the precise moment I told Oscar the baby insists that I eat a yogurt right now, I also dropped a spoonful of it on my shirt and in my hair. That must have been the baby's way of saying "you might as well get used to having food all over you now."
February 25, 2013 I read somewhere that lying on your side provides the best circulation for your baby while you're sleeping. My baby disagrees. Whenever I lie on my side, particularly the right one, he kicks in protest. I'd heard both sides were good but the left was best. My baby doesn't like either one, but really hates the right.
April 18, 2013 It's fun to have Nibbler on my belly, feel the baby kicking him, and seeing Nibbler readjust himself in response to it. Eventually baby decided he'd had enough and kicked until Nibble climbed off. I'm glad he already has a personality and preferences, but I hope he learns to like cats.
April 23, 2013 Oscar gets home from work at 11:20pm, I start getting sleepy around 10:00pm, and baby is super active between 10pm and 11pm. Hopefully this pattern does not continue after he's born.
April 29, 2013 Usually when I sing, baby doesn't move even if he's been moving up until then. I figured I've been singing him to sleep. Yesterday, though, I sang for about 45 minutes and he would not stop pushing against me. He must have been responding to every little movement my abdominals made. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever felt, and I was completely drained by the end, but I sounded awesome! I felt like a Wagnerian soprano. My voice has never sounded so full and connected.

I waited as long as I could before buying maternity clothes, but I eventually gave in and picked up some great deals at Goodwill.

Once I had them on, I couldn't figure out why I'd waited so long to wear them. Next time I'm putting them on much sooner. Maternity clothes feel so comfy when you're pregnant. Maternity jeans are like wearing sweats but without the excess warmth.

And January ended with a funny new inside joke for us. We still laugh whenever this song is picked as a congregational hymn.
January 29, 2013 We were singing "each life that touches ours for good" in church. Oscar misread the 3rd verse (memory) and then mixed it with the correct word in the 4th verse (peace). Essentially he said "for worthy friends who bless our days with mace and love." I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the meeting! Those friends who bless our days with mace and those are some quality friends!

In February we started things off right by completely paying off my student loans. Hoorah! It's been wonderful not to have to make payments on those anymore. We still have Oscar's, and now that I don't work very often and we have the extra costs of raising a baby, it's going to be several years before we can be rid of those. What's terrible about student loans is that once you're done paying them, you've gained nothing. You already had your degree and any benefit that brings you. At least once you pay off a car, you own the car, and once you pay off a house, you own the house. The deeds are now yours entirely to do with what you will, and along the way you're constantly gaining equity that can be used or borrowed against. Paying off student loans is just like paying off a massive, however low interest, credit card.

February 9, 2013 It was one of those days where you completely forget you've been invited to your sister's housewarming party and still randomly end up going to it since you were in the area for work and needed to use her bathroom. I mean, hasn't that happened to everyone at some point?
February 15, 2013 Eating some of Oscar's valentine bacon roses!
Perfect Valentine Bacon Roses
Oscar's Valentine Roses. These on a stick

I'm excited to go chase the sun tomorrow! Literally. We're spending 2 days on the Oregon coast to see a few waterfalls in the area and then we're looking up the weather and driving to wherever the sun happens to be. Random road trip for our 7th anniversary!
(you can read more about our 7th anniversary trip by clicking here) 

In March we celebrated my 31st birthday. Oscar made me yummy birthday waffles and a homemade ice cream cake, and we had a fondue party with friends. I got so painfully bloated from overeating combined with pregnancy!
March 2, 2013
mmm...cookie dough! I haven't been able to eat it since I got pregnant due to the raw egg, but Oscar pasteurized the eggs to make homemade cookie dough ice cream cake for me for my birthday. Turns out it's going to be chocolate cookie dough ice cream, though, since the heat of the eggs melted the chocolate chips and turned the batter brown. Apparently I'm also in a romantic relationship with cookie dough. Oscar told me "I made some cookies, but I left enough for you to have one last fling with your cookie dough."
St Patty's day food. Spinach burrito with tomatillo salsa and basil rice. Gummy apple rings, green cake and mint cookie ice cream for dessert. 

By April, I was getting super excited to have a healthy baby. He was growing well and positioned just where he was supposed be. In mid-April, I had a bad fall while out doing deliveries. This caused some insurance issues which took months to clear up through Washington's Labor and Industries. And towards the end of April, we got our house inspection for our new home that we would end up closing on only a few days after Tyler was born.

Baby's measuring spot on at 33 cm and his head is going down. The Dr wasn't 100% positive without an ultrasound, but pretty sure. And by baby measuring 33 cm, what I actually mean is the womb. Baby was pretty scrunched up.
Baby had his first traumatic experience today...and he slept right through it. I was walking down the 2 porch steps of a house, I slipped, went up in the air skipping the steps entirely, and came down hard on my butt. It was an intense fall, but since my butt took the brunt of it, I didn't injure anything. I was much more concerned about baby than about me, and since I got into the 3rd trimester, I'm required to report all falls to my nurse. Since It was a bad fall and the baby wasn't moving, she told me to go into the emergency room. Fortunately baby started moving once they put the heartbeat ultrasound tools on my belly. He's pretty picky about things touching him, and he kept trying to kick them off. He has a pretty consistent sleep schedule, and that time of day is normally when he sleeps. He slept right through the fall! Even if it didn't injure him, I'm surprised the fall didn't shock him awake. He must get that from Oscar. He can sleep through anything. Everything looked good and the variations in the heartbeat were normal. The doctor said the baby has a good natural cushion to protect him, and that it really requires the impact of a car accident or a hard hit in the gut to seriously affect a pregnancy. I'll just be sore for the next few days.
I read in my pregnancy book that things like placental abruption can occur from a bad fall. I'd say mine was a bad fall, and the doctor clearly wasn't concerned about it, so they must be referring to something catastrophic like falling off a cliff.
How to thoroughly exhaust yourself - Work on "Caro Nome" for an hour while 8 months pregnant.
Thank goodness! I'm up early thanks to this bright sunlight (and of course, difficulty sleeping comfortably at almost 36 weeks), and I just happened to look at our bank accounts online. Just this morning some fraudulent travel charges were made to Oscar's credit card. We'd paid off the credit cards on Friday and he hasn't made any purchases since last Monday, so there was no reason to look at his statement for awhile, but I did anyway. We were able to get the charges cancelled and report the card before too much damage could occur. It makes me grateful to God for little annoyances that save me tremendous annoyances in the long run!
House inspection today! The short sale we were expecting to take at least 6 months to close is scheduled to close at the end of May. They wanted it to close after only 3 months in the middle of April, but we pushed it out as much as possible due to our lease ending in August.
4 cups of watermelon combined with 8 months's gonna be a fun night...

May, of course, brought us the birth of our sweet baby Tyler! You can read more about his birth story here.  
Score! I just found the $130 car seat we registered for on Amazon for $90 at Fred Meyer.
Note to self - first shake up the orange juice, then loosen up the lid. Not the other way around...
Oscar's side of the bed has magical sleep granting abilities! I should have known all along since I always find the cats asleep there, and after struggling to sleep for the past few weeks, I switched to his side and can sleep again.
Someone asked me today if I'd had the baby yet. I hope my belly's not still this large after he's born!
Last day of work tomorrow, and then I'll be sitting around home waiting for this baby to be born. Please come visit!
Day 1 of resting and relaxing until baby comes - cleaned my kitchen, cleared up table and room clutter, practiced my singing, did the laundry, and finished up or got started on several items on my to do list. I'm not sure I know how to rest and relax. Maybe it's nesting, but I had no desire to do all these things before today, and I certainly won't be cleaning the floor with a toothbrush!
While we were out taking a walk tonight, I decided to see what my sprint is like these days. It's hilarious! It's basically a 4.0 mile an hour big waddle that I can maintain for about 8 seconds.
First outing with baby Tyler at Ooba Tooba Mex Grill. Yummy food & well behaved child! 

Mike and Shan gave us an old car seat and stroller, which my mother in law intended to bring up with her, but forget in the hustle and bustle of packing. Fortunately we had a convertible car seat that worked until my mom could bring it up the next week, but it meant we didn't have a portable car seat to carry Tyler around in. In the meantime, we had his monkey bed that we would set up when we were out and about. He slept the entire time the first time we took him out to dinner.

I'm feeling like a champ as both a mom and an opera singer today! It's that difficult transitionary period when milk's come in, and the baby's having a hard time adjusting to the changes. My normally calm, peaceful, snuggly baby who can already sleep over 5 hours at a time now screams his head off during feedings. Plus we're trying to avoid the pacifier this week since I don't want him preferring a nipple that size, so he's having a pretty rough time. I was trying to feed him while hunched over, and since he was screaming, I tried to sing in order to calm him. It didn't help. From a vocal perspective, hunched over is pretty much the worst position to sing in since it gives you very limited access to your support muscles. I changed position to sitting up while slightly reclined, and of course, my technique vastly improved. Tyler immediately noticed and calmed down instantly when the singing became better. I'm sure he could feel my support muscles activating and recognized being sung to in the womb. He had a great feeding for the first time in nearly 24 hours and fell asleep happy. Huzzah!!!
It worked again! The next time I went to feed him, I started singing right when I put him next to me and he got feeding immediately. Malia, you know how you recommended training him to feed with a cheek caress? I think I've managed to train him with singing!
Holy cow! Tyler is 8 days old and he just rolled over on the floor from front to back!  This was motivated by his hands getting stuck underneath him. Since we removed the pacifier this past Saturday, he sucks on his hands and arms. They were pinned underneath him when we gave him tummy time, and he mustered enough strength to get himself to the side, then it just took a little more to get to his back. He got really upset when Oscar put him back on his tummy. He didn't try to roll as hard again since his hands weren't stuck the 2nd time.

Tyler rolled from tummy to back many times for his first 6 weeks. Then he stopped and didn't roll again until he was almost 5 months. When he did, it was back to tummy. It took him a couple more weeks to get from tummy to back again.
May 30, 2013
Tyler insists to his own detriment that his hands and arms should be involved in nursing. When I try to pin them down, he gets really upset. He says "I came from Heaven where I was promised free agency. I DEMAND my free agency!"
Pre-baby fear: My body wouldn't produce enough milk, and I'd have to supplement formula
Reality: I could feed triplets! Thank goodness for the pump!

June was a month of getting used to a newborn's schedule. Oscar and I basically slept in shifts and took turns feeding him. I would pump so Oscar could give me a break every once in awhile. You can read more about Ty's first two months here. Additionally, my friend Cari threw me a lovely baby shower, and my family drove up to visit for a week. 
Good thing Oscar wears a shirt while bottle feeding Tyler. It cracks me up whenever Tyler tries to nurse him
Dear Tyler, thank you so much for sleeping from 10:00pm - 3:00am last night. Mommy thoroughly enjoyed that chunk of sleep!
He's starting to grow out of his newborn clothes. Hoorah! We are successfully "growing" a child! Fear number 1 down! Everyone said I wouldn't get through all his newborn clothes before he outgrew them, but he pees nearly every time he has his diaper changed, so we go through several outfits a day. 
June 26, 2013
I love that my singing can calm Tyler down when he's fussy, but darn is he demanding! Just in the space of time it takes me to breathe between phrases, he starts fussing again.
Yesterday when I had a mix of my pandora stations going, he was fussy during a pop song but immediately calmed when it switched to a soprano aria. It didn't last more than a minute since he wasn't also being held and rocked, but I think he recognized it as "this sounds like mommy!"

During my last month of pregnancy I really struggled to sleep because I was so uncomfortable. Everyone told me to enjoy my sleep now, though, since once baby came along I would be so sleep deprived. It's true that I have less opportunity to sleep now and that it's interrupted intermittently by baby, but I'd still rather have this than that last month of pregnancy. I enjoy the sleep I do get so much more, I rest much more deeply than I did then, and I'm much less frustrated to be waking up for my child who needs me than because of discomfort and acid reflux.

In July we saw Tyler's first smiles and giggles! We also took a trip to Utah for Julia's wedding and moved into our new house!

July 7, 2013
Oscar works evenings, not by choice but because he's not high enough in seniority to get the schedule he'd like. He's good at his job and gets promoted quicker than the average worker, so with each new position his seniority starts over again. He would have to have stayed in his first hiring position to now have enough seniority to work a typical Mon-Fri 8am-5pm schedule. This has made it difficult to hang out with friends who work that time frame and to attend church activities that are scheduled in the evenings. We had some hope for the upcoming shift bid (which he actually designs himself based on the needs of the call center), but no, his day is going to start at 2:45pm, a half hour later than it's been for the last couple years. This was irritating at first, but now that we have a baby, I'm loving his evening schedule. It's a blessing in disguise. Tyler nurses at around 11, around 2, and around 5, and then he's just awake around 6:30. That's when I hand him off to Oscar because I need to go back to sleep, and if we're really sleepy, we keep switching off sometimes until as late as 1:00pm. It makes for a much happier mommy by the time daddy goes to work. If Oscar had a typical 8am schedule, we wouldn't have this fabulous system. Oscar had a few 8-5 days for training, and they were much harder on me than his regular night schedule.
Ah that awesome feeling of finally getting the baby to sleep who doesn't want to go down! At Ty's 2:30am feeding he fell asleep 5 separate times while nursing but would wake up immediately when moved. I gave up and asked Oscar to try and calm him, but he had no better luck than I did. After about 20 minutes I realized I knew what to do, and with complete confidence that I could get my baby to sleep, I told Oscar to go back to bed. I held Ty close, rocked him in the recliner, and turned on the TV. This time he'd start dozing off but every once in a while would react to the noises and start squirming. I'd hold him tighter and kiss his head when that would happen, and soon he was in a deep enough sleep that I could put him down. My instincts told me that he wanted to sleep, but his senses are awakening a lot these days, and he just needed to be reassured he'd be safe and secure no matter what happened. Great mommy moment!
Tyler gave his first giggle today. It was extra cute because it happened right after I said to Oscar "if Tyler goes bald, he's going to bald just like you did since he has your exact hairline." It was like Tyler was taking part of the conversation.
Now that I do most of my walking with a stroller, I'm realizing how badly I need to amend my jaywalking ways.
When I lived in Utah, I couldn't understand how Utah could be a desert. We had mountains, trees, snow, rain, etc. Now that I live in the lush, green state of Washington, I come to Utah and think "yep, Utah's definitely a desert." 

My friend Kara who lives in Chicago saw the above post and asked me if I was in Utah right then. She had also planned a trip to Utah and was arriving on the 22nd. We were able to hang out for a few hours before I met up with my family at Lagoon.
Tyler must have the record for age difference between great uncles. Oscar's mom's youngest brother Tim is 31, and my mom's oldest brother Ron is 81. 50 year difference!
Just got back from Utah where we saw Julia get married and Tyler got to meet his daddy's side of the family. His little cousin Justin is convinced he's named "baby Tired."
I've been afraid to fall asleep in the recliner with Ty since he's started pushing up with his legs, and when I'm awake I've had to catch him from falling off a few times. But yesterday I fell asleep on the recliner with Nibbler on my lap, and when he went to move, I caught him in mid jump with both hands. This happened while I was dreaming that I was catching Ty from falling off. It reassured me that if I do happen to fall asleep and Ty goes to fall off, my instincts should kick in before he tumbles over. It's cool how those protective instincts just take over since my cats have jumped off me hundreds of times in my sleep without my even noticing.
That was by far the smoothest move we've ever done. We had everything packed and ready to go and we had great help. Plus Tyler was a perfect angel throughout the day!

In August we enjoyed getting settled into our new house. Joel Pace, the husband of an old friend from elementary school, stayed with us for a couple weeks while his family waited for their house to close in Utah. We took a road trip down to Utah for a longer stay, and my mom threw me a fun baby shower at the clubhouse.
On July 4th this outfit was in storage so I put it on him today. It's still his first fourth...of August...
August 9, 2013
Just discovered that we live a 15 minute walk away from a cheap, fresh fruit market! The mangos, cherries, and strawberries are all delicious! I love that it's within walking distance and that the fruit is ripe. I can walk Ty down there every 2-3 days and just put the fruit in the compartment under the stroller. 
August 11, 2013
We've had a fussy, fussy baby the past couple of days, so last night when I found myself feeling frustrated with him, I held him close and reminded myself how precious he is to me.
I'm getting a lot of stuff done today since Ty's spent a good chunk of the evening sleeping. Though I'm a bit concerned that this means he's going to be up all night...
I'm excited to see lots of Utah friends and family at Tyler's "sip and see" today! I always want to catch up with people when I come to Utah, but I'm lucky if I see one person besides my immediate family. Today I'll get to see about 40!
We made it back from Utah safe and sound, but we've decided we're making a stopover in Idaho for future road trips. The driving time frame is a bit more reasonable and still allows us to give Ty the attention he needs. Even though he slept for the bulk of the drive, it broke our hearts to keep putting him back in his car seat after each stop only to have him cry himself to sleep. He was sad that he couldn't have some of his simple little desires met, like time playing with daddy or being held and rocked by mommy. We don't want to put him through that again.
We took this family pic during the August trip, which Julia later fancied up for a Christmas card
August 27, 2013
You know how cats often walk near and through your feet when they want attention? Nibbler's been doing that since we got back, including while I'm coming down the stairs holding Tyler. I feel bad that I had to kick him down the stairs this morning.

In September, Ty continued growing and topped the scales in the 93rd percentile at 18 pounds 10 ounces. Read more about months 2 thru 4 here.
Why does Tyler only practice rolling over when his movements are hindered by toys and arches? He has no interest in rolling over when he's just on a floor or mat with nothing getting in his way.
Ty screamed bloody murder during his tummy time yesterday. He cried so hard it even made me cry, but then I realized if tummy time is the worst torture my child has ever been through, I must be a pretty good mother. 
So I understood completely why bits of cat litter would get tracked onto our bed in our last apartment where the litter box was 10 feet from our bedroom door. I'm totally confused why there seems to be just as much in our bed now that the litter box is two flights of stairs and two floors away from our bedroom.
Today at Tyler's 4 month check up he weighed in at 18 pounds 10 ounces. No wonder it's so difficult to carry him around in his car seat!
I love listening to these sheets of rain! Ty's napping right now and I didn't bother to turn on his "extreme rain" white noise since he gets to enjoy the real thing.
Walked in on this this morning. He saw me and went right back to sleeping peacefully, then woke up to the click of the camera. But it was worth it.

In October, Ty got to celebrate his first Halloween as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. He also learned how to roll over and took part in his first food fight.
At over 18 and 1/2 pounds Tyler is finally outgrowing his 8-12 pound pajamas. Man my boy is dense!
Hoorah! I'm positive that Tyler actually ingested some rice cereal this evening, unlike the last two attempts.
He just rolled over from back to tummy!
One nice thing about having cats: before we had Tyler our cats were our children. Now they've been demoted from children to pets (through no fault of their own). We still love them but probably give them about 1/3rd the attention we used to, and they're totally fine with that. I'm sure this wouldn't be the case had we had 3 canine children.
When I get Vietnamese food, I often get a bahn mi sandwich and request pho broth to dip it in. The Vietnamese people at the restaurant always look at me like I've done something unthinkable and offended their culture.
I love dancing around with Ty on my hardwood floors while wearing socks. It has that gliding feeling like ice skating, but without the tremendous likelihood of hurting myself.

In November, we took a fun trip to meet up with Oscar's parents in Lincoln City, Oregon. Read more about Ty from months 4 thru 6 here.
Sweet! Oscar won a $50 AMEX gift card for the costume contest at his work. They took a picture of him holding Tyler, who was dressed as Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc, but everyone just assumed he was a mini Oscar the Grouch.
Our grocery list only included diapers, peanut butter, and salt, so rather than writing a list for Oscar, I told him to pick up salted peanut butter diapers.
One unforeseen perk about having a house instead of an apartment - all 3 cats weigh less and have softer fur with much less dander. They're in better health now thanks to getting much more exercise from a larger living space and two flights of stairs.
We have a working dishwasher! Our house inspector had told us the dishwasher was broken, so we've only been using it as a dry rack for the past 3 and 1/2 months. Oscar pulled it out today and found all he had to do was flick a switch on the back. It works great!
Still smiling from remembering Tyler laughing his head off while playing with Aimee and Steve's kids after choir practice.
Just had Ty's 6 month check up. How is a baby that's 38th percentile for height, 90th percentile for weight and only 6th percentile for head still adorably cute and not obviously lopsided?

And in December, we celebrated our first holiday season with a baby. He began planking and going to hands and knees halfway through the month, and he crawled across the room for the first time on Christmas day.
December 1, 2013
I can not say enough just how much having an ice maker has improved my quality of life!
I'm excited to finally see "Catching Fire" with Malia today!
Just cancelled my flight to Utah. The weather's supposed to be crazy cold while I'm there, and since I wasn't going for any particular reason besides just visiting family, we all decided it was best to rebook the flight for a better time. Good thing Southwest is easy with cancellations.
I've started arbitrarily checking out picture books from the library to read to Ty. I just go in and grab a pile. He loves being read to and having me point things out to him, but he gets fussy when there's too much reading before a page turn.  
Tyler grabbed the nipple while nursing and shot me in the face with my own breast milk today. Take that mommy!
Tree's been up since November 24th, lit since the 26th, partially ornamented since December 5th and just tonight is finally complete. It takes me a LOT longer to decorate on my own when I have a baby to take care of.
Ty is planking and doing hands and knees. Crawling should come soon!
Ty's favorite Christmas songs - "Up on the Housetop," "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," and "Jingle Bells." For bedtime he likes "Carol from an Irish Cabin" and "The Carol of the Birds."
And Ty's officially in size 4 diapers today. Size ones are 8-14 pounds, but Ty couldn't fit in them anymore at 11 pounds, size 2's are 12-18 pounds, but Ty grew out of those at 15 pounds, and size 3's are 16-27 pounds, but they've been tight on Ty for awhile now, and he's less than 21 pounds. He's now in size 4's which are for 22 pounds and up. Ty's just got extra large hips like his momma!
Tyler likes solids, but he hates eating from a spoon. He says "this is good, mommy. Now make it come out of your boobs!"
I went back to work seasonally for Christmas, and even though it's an easy job that I enjoy, I am exhausted from working and then coming home to a baby. Being at home with a baby is a full time job in itself. How do people do this full time?
Tyler's latest favorite activity - finger painting with his own spit up 
So far Ty is loving "The Muppet Christmas Carol."
We were invited over for dinner by the Cason family, and Ty fell asleep in Oscar's arms. I asked Oscar if he wanted to put Ty down in the car seat, and Ty totally shook his head "no" before going back to being completely limp. It was hilarious, and there were witnesses so I can prove it wasn't just my imagination.
I worked my seasonal job all day yesterday and today and part time every day last week. It's nice to get some extra holiday money, and it's reminding me how much I like being a stay at home mom. Not that work is difficult, but I've missed my Tyler like crazy!  
And ringing in the new year with my laundry tonight...(for the record, I was invited to an all day party, which I went to, but came home around 7 to get Tyler to bed).