Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baby Ty: 9 months - 11 months

March was Ty's month of pulling himself to stand and stair climbing. He'd been able to go up a few stairs before, but would fall down quickly. He crawled up the entire flight of stairs successfully on March 1st, and by the end of the month he was climbing like a champ! Check out the cute Google story video below.
We have to be careful with Tyler around the stairs and on beds and couches since he remains convinced that gravity is just a theory that needs more testing. He's a bit more cautious now, but every once in awhile I see him trying to figure out how to go down the stairs on his own. He still tries going face forward, though, and if I turn him around, he crawls away. I've been encouraged to teach him how to come down safely on his belly, but he doesn't understand the concept of moving the opposite direction he's looking yet. When I pull him down one leg at a time, he just giggles and thinks it's a fun game. I like to pull him down a few at a time and shout "and a boom-boom!" He loves it! Even if he's not learning how to go down on his own yet, at least he's having fun.

March was also Ty's month of beginning to eat solids well (and boy can he eat!). There's very little Ty flat out refuses to eat. If he turns it down one day he'll eat it a different day, but he is picky about texture. He loves bananas and strawberries pureed, but he'll spit the chunks out. I like when Ty eats the same foods we eat, so I make a lot of his baby food by pureeing whatever we're having, though some things like mangos, pears, berries and applesauce I just buy in jars. If it's difficult to get the fruit in season and ripe, as well as peeling/coring/pitting it, I'm willing to pay a little extra for the convenience. 

It's getting impossible to eat around Ty. He wants to eat whenever we're eating, even if he's just eaten and he doesn't like what we're eating. One time I bribed him with fruit loops into leaving me alone to eat my brussels sprouts. I tried giving him a small leaf, but he just spit it out. I think he would eat it in a puree, though. He likes healthy food, like the brown rice, ham, broccoli, mozzarella puree I made for him, and he'll eat peas, carrots, corn, and green beans as finger foods. But he likes the less healthy stuff too, like cereal pieces, crackers, cheese puffs, chips, and cookies. He often drops his finger foods on the floor while he's eating, and I have to admit I don't always stop him eating them off the floor after I take him out of the high chair. He likes going on the hunt. He sometimes raises a piece up in the air in triumph when he finds one.

Although he'll spit out yummy fruit pieces, he'll shove everything else into his mouth whether it's food or not. Some of his favorite things to put in his mouth are cat hair and carpet, until they make him gag of course. We really have to watch him because he tries to eat or suck on EVERYTHING.

 "Dear crying baby, it may not seem like it now, but I promise there will come a day that you'll be glad mommy didn't let you play in the cat litter or suck on the plunger."

Ty finally cut his first tooth in March at nearly 10 months old. Thank goodness he was a late teether since he's also a biter. The advice I'd read was to stop the nursing session if baby bites, but Ty didn't respond to that. He thought being pulled off and sat up was hilarious, and he'd giggle when I'd yelp in pain. It was bad enough that I thought I would have to wean him, but we were able to get it worked out since his biting became very predictable. He'd stop nursing, glance around, give me a little sly smile, and then slowly bite down. It was like he thought if he did it gradually enough I wouldn't notice, but because I could tell it was coming, I could pull him off before I felt any pain. After a couple weeks he stopped trying to bite. It might not work out for him now, but I can tell I'm going to have a sly little trouble maker on my hands in the future.

Ty really is a charmer, with the sweetest smile and best laugh of any baby I've ever known. I love when Tyler laughs his head off at the most random things, like Oscar wiping the spit up off the floor or cutting meat and vegetables, or me blowing my nose. We like to record videos of him having giggle fits and watch them with him later, particularly if he's being fussy. He then laughs and smiles while watching videos of himself laughing and smiling. He also laughs when daddy laughs, and Oscar laughs whenever I laugh, so to get the whole family laughing, the only one who needs to be genuinely amused is me.

On the 5th we celebrated my 32nd birthday with just our little family, and then celebrated it again on the 9th with my sister and some friends. Typically I get about 7 hours of sleep each day while Ty gets about 10 and 1/2, but on my birthday, I slept 8 hours and Tyler slept over 11. Good start for my birthday!

We don't eat out much, but when we do, people always stop to admire and coo at Tyler. I used to wait tables, and I don't remember babies being approached nearly as often as Tyler is, but maybe I wasn't paying attention as much since it wasn't my baby they were staring at. He's just too darn cute!

On my birthday we went out to lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant and let Tyler munch on the vegetables in the pico de gallo, which had been spiced up with some dried pepper. He seemed to enjoy them, but his sinuses acted up and there's a tear running down the left side of his face. Precious!!!

 They sang to me and let me wear their sombrero while I ate my dessert,  and of course we had to try the sombrero on Tyler!
mmm! Salty
We had cheese and chocolate fondue at home with friends the following Sunday, and I picked up this cute ladybug cake so I'd have something to blow out candles on (the 3 was recycled from my last birthday, but the #2 candle was new. When I asked Liz if she could pick up a #2 candle, she was very confused. Is that like a #2 pencil?). 

We only gave Ty a very small piece of the cake, but it was impressive how much he did with it. He did at least as much damage with it as he did 2 and 1/2 months later with 20 times as much cake on his 1st birthday. The red frosting makes it look particularly violent, like he just took a chomp out of an animal's hide.
Tyler Hunt - Slayer of Cakes
The following day Ty woke up a bit extra fussy, so I brought him into our bedroom for some mommy and daddy cuddles. Little did I know that my baby would soon beat me up! He was flailing his arms wildly and punched me right in the eye (unintentionally of course). This causes more trauma to the eye itself than being punched by an adult sized fist. Compare being hit in the eye by a baseball to being hit by a golf ball. The baseball will cause more overall damage, but the parts of your skull surrounding your eye will protect it from a lot of the force. My eyeball took the entire brunt of that hit. I had to go to the doctor and couldn't even open my eye for the first hour. The eyelid itself was red, but there was no bruise since his fist got pure eye and very little skin. Fortunately he didn't scratch the eyeball, which has much more lasting effects than just a hard hit. My symptoms were pain, blurriness, and light sensitivity, particularly to sunlight. The sunny drive to the doctor's office was awful, and I was in so much pain by the time we got there that I had to keep both my eyes closed while Oscar led me into the waiting room. Luckily it was Oscar's day off, so he took care of Ty while I stayed in the dark. The pain faded and my vision improved significantly by the next day, though the light sensitivity stuck around for a bit longer. I had to keep my blinds down and dim the brightness on my screens for several days.

I like taking pics of Ty in every outfit he owns. This makes it easier to put them away in storage or give them away when he grows out of them. But these days it's getting difficult to get him still enough to take a picture. Fortunately Google+ can take several blurry pics and make a nifty .gif out of them.

 He's simply irresistible!

For months the cats had never even approached Ty's bouncer, but now Nibbler's turned it into a cat bed. Ty rarely sits in his bouncer anymore, but he was absolutely fascinated when Nibbler jumped into it. "Hey mommy, look mommy, mommy it's kitty, look at the kitty, mommy, mommy, mommy, the kitty's in my chair mommy, see the kitty in my chair mommy, I never play with it anymore but now that the kitty's in it I want to."

Matching forehead scars
On the same day that Oscar nicked himself while shaving his head, Tyler got a small scratch on his forehead while playing with Nibbler through the baby gate. They were each reaching through the holes to touch each other. It was very cute! Although my cats never scratch intentionally, Nibbler had to stretch pretty far to reach Tyler, which will automatically bring a cats claws out. He nicked him with his claw so lightly that Ty didn't even notice it, but it was enough to leave a mark just like daddy's.

We have very little luck getting Ty to sleep well outside his crib these days, but sometimes in church we're able to get a little more nap out of him by lying him down on one of the chapel pews. He'll only sleep in our arms for about 20 minutes while this will get us closer to 45, though last week we got lucky. He slept an hour and 40 minutes last week, but this past Sunday he only got 25 minutes in his car seat. In the crib he'll put himself back to sleep if he wakes up to change position, but nothing will put him back to sleep if he wakes up anywhere else. Oscar teaches in primary, so Ty's pretty entertained by the kids for the remaining hours, but he's crazy crabby by the end of the 3 hour block. At least he's a cute crab!

My little dinosaur man! What a cute little 10 month old he was. I look back at his 2-3 month pictures and think "I thought he was crazy cute then, but he's so much cuter now!"
Can you find the baby?

I usually go and check on Ty at night just before I go to bed, using only the light from the hallway to see him with. I was a little alarmed when I first walked in one night and couldn't find him, but on closer inspection, he was curled up in the corner.

Towards the middle of March, Ty figured out how to dismantle his crib mobile. I'd hear him cry when he'd wake up, but then he'd quiet down and I'd assume he'd gone back to sleep. I later came in to find him playing with the toys on the mobile. He could entertain himself this way for up to 30 minutes after waking up. For awhile I let him keep doing this since, hey, if he's happy playing in the crib, that gives me more time to sleep or finish up whatever I'm working on, but then I realized the part of the mobile that makes it spin is made up of pieces Ty could choke on. I decided to leave the mobile on but remove the spinner, which now makes it too tall for him to dismantle. He can still stand and play with the toys, but he can't remove them (yet), so he tires of it sooner. 
Tyler learned how to close doors in March, which he'd do while I was in the hallway on the computer. He'd get upset and cry that he couldn't see mommy anymore while sitting and blocking the door. I'd have to push him over to get in the room. Grandma Flinder's suggested I put a towel on top of the door to prevent it from closing all the way. It worked like a charm and now all of the upstairs rooms have towels draped over them.
Ty loves books, whether having them read to him or just playing with them. I still laugh from remembering the  day he discovered he is unable to pick up his book while he's sitting on it. There was about a one minute crying fest before he realized he could pick it up by moving off of it.
You'll notice I rarely post pictures of Ty sucking on a pacifier. This is because Tyler was never terribly interested in them during the early months when babies need them most. He'd suck on one sometimes while he was being rocked to sleep, but during the day he'd always spit them out after only a minute or so, and I wasn't willing to pop them back every single time. Now that he's got the desterity to stick one in his mouth on his own, he thinks they're fun toys. Sometimes he stuffs the whole thing in his mouth and bites it like a teether toy. He does the same thing with the nipples on bottles. 
Ty is generally a happy baby, though every once in awhile he has days where he's just inexplicably fussy. Fortunately it's not too difficult to calm him. Sometimes just turning on opera will calm him. I think it reminds him of mommy singing to him before putting him to bed. And you can also make him giggle when he's fussy. I love how he randomly decides something is the most hilarious thing ever. For about a week it was when we would meow like cats. For a few weeks after that it was mommy singing coloratura passages. He'd giggle like crazy! My queen of the night got some good practice, and he doesn't seem to mind at all when I sing high F's close to his ears.
Ty's become a master crawler, and he loves when someone gets down on the floor and crawls with him. That will take him from fussy to giggly instantly. He loves when you come down to his level.
This is part of the reason he loves the cats so much. They're already at his level. I love how this GIF perfectly captures him playing with (and terrifying) Nibbler. It's a good thing I have tolerant cats. They put up with his abuse and keep coming back for more. One of these days I need to teach him that not all animals are that sweet. We're already working on helping him pet the kitties gently, but it doesn't stop him from mauling them later on. 
I think he looks crazy adorable in jeans. I couldn't stop taking pictures of him. A friend had passed down these 12 month jeans that had belonged to her little boy, but I forgot to calculate for shrinkage before putting them on him at 10 months. He wasn't able to wear them very long :( .

By the time Ty was 10 months, his nursing reduced considerably and I had enough frozen milk that I never had to pump any more. An extra breast milk bag now doubles as a homemade frozen burrito bag. Oscar likes making food beforehand and freezing it to have for his lunches at work. It's much cheaper and better tasting than constantly buying frozen meals at the grocery store.
Man I love these manly men!
He's just so cute and smiley. This was one of the rare times he actually used his bouncer. He and daddy spent several minutes giggling together that day (we videoed the giggling, but for some reason the blog's not allowing me to post it. I'll figure out why and post it later).
This pic's adorable! It looks like Tyler took his own selfie!

Oscar loves making charts and grafts so much that he'll even do it for fun. I found a great deal on Greek yogurt at Albertson's, which amused him so much he made a graph and a math question out of it? Can you solve it? He posted it to Facebook, but no one gave us the answer to the equations.

You come upon the yogurt aisle at Albertson's and buy 2 of your preferred yogurt flavors for $0.99 each. Then you see yogurt for $0.75, $0.60, $0.50, and $0.25. How many yogurts do you buy at each price? Bonus question: If the yogurt were free, how many yogurts would you add to your grocery cart?

 I've started doing some babysitting for a friend of mine that's in Cosmetology school. Two babies has it's challenges, but at least they're cute together.

It is hard to get a clear picture of him these days. He just wants to move. On the plus side (pun intended), he's slimmed down. He didn't lose weight (24 pounds at 11 months), but he went from size 4 diapers back to size 3. The crawling and standing has toned up his legs and bum a lot. Now size 3's are an easy fit.

A boy and his cat
Ty and Fry have a lot of fun together. He's very rough with Fry, which will make Fry run away, but he always comes back for more. Fry's the most easygoing of all our cats. His motto is "I love you as long as you're nice to me, and even if you're not, I'll keep coming back until you decide to be."

Baking with daddy. This was when daddy was making tasty branana muffins (yes, the "r" is intentional).

And Ty got to celebrate his 1st Easter this year. This is the Easter outfit mom sent up for him. Oscar and I do scavenger Easter egg hunts for each other (each egg has a clue to your next egg), and Ty helped him find and collect all the eggs. Most of his clues had something to do with Tyler and daddy. "Dumpies for daddy," for example, was in the baby wipes container.