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2014 Southern California Trip: Goofy's Kitchen and Going Home

Although Saturday was our last day spent inside the theme parks, we did come back to the Disney area on Monday for an excellent brunch at Goofy's Kitchen. Lia had been there before and said it was a great place to go for character dining, and Oscar's boss had recommended it as well. It's located within the Disney hotel at Downtown Disney.

The rest of the family still had a day of admission from their vacation package, so they had some fun at California Adventure before joining us at the hotel. 

One of the hotel employees saw us taking pictures here and offered to take this cute family shot for us. It totally looks like I have a halo, but as you can see from the picture on the right, it's just a leaf from the plant behind Mickey.

Their pool area is pretty nifty. I like the monorail water slide, and the fact that the slide drops you into a pool rather than just the flat bottom of the slide (which is how the slide was at our hotel). I enjoy the refreshing plunge into a full size pool after the rush of the wind from a waterslide. Plus I always seem to get a wedgie and water up my nose from the other kind.
Ethan and Hana played with Ty while we were waiting to be seated.

Another perk of the photopass+ we'd purchased was having your picture taken with Goofy and getting a neat package delivered to your table with prints and recipe cards. Chang had forgotten his family's meal vouchers and had to run back to the Paradise Pier hotel to grab them, so while we were waiting we had some pictures taken with Chef Goofy before getting our official picture for the package.
I couldn't decide which border I liked most since they're all adorable. This Gif lets me have all of them.

And here's the official print pic. They used this border in the prints and also added Goofy's signature to it (which for some reason is not possible to do with your digital prints on the photopass website). The photographer actually took 4 shots and chose this one as the best. I was a bit disappointed that Ty wasn't looking at the camera, but I can still see why this was the favorite. This pic definitely captured the best smiles, particularly on the kiddos. The package was delivered to us with 4x6's for each family and a big 8x10 that mom and dad took home with them.

I like seeing the flashing borders with this cool GIF on the left. Thank you Google+ autoawesome! The photographer got Ty to look forward for the pic on the right, and it works nicely with the "Family Reunion" border.

This is an expensive buffet, but the food really is good. The Mickey shaped waffles were adorable and tasty, and I couldn't get enough of the Mac and Cheese pizza (though their signature dish is the peanut butter and jelly pizza).

It also happened to be our anniversary that day, and they gave us "Happy Anniversary" and "I'm Celebrating" pins to add to the festivities. They also made some special desserts for us and sang to us, but as we'd already stuffed ourselves at the tasty dessert area, we asked if we could take them home with us. Normally buffets don't let you take out food, but as the desserts were made for our special occasion, they made an exception for us. They don't have take out containers, however, so we had to put them in "to go" drink cups. 
Aladdin was one of the characters we met during out brunch. We also met Rafiki from the Lion King and chefs Chip and Dale. I was a bit surprised that the photopass photographers weren't taking pictures of the characters within the restaurant. Maybe it's just too many people to be constantly moving around in an already busy place. Chip and Dale came around to meet and interact with Ty, but he was far too distracted by his wide array of delicious foods. We gave him yogurt, scrambled eggs, blueberries, strawberries, and bits of several different desserts. 

After we ate, we strolled through Downtown Disney to meet up with Oscar's brother Will and his wife Camille. They just happened to be starting their own Disney vacation that day. Since our photopass was good for up to 14 days, we handed it off to them to take their own pics. I love the adorable shot of Tyler staring at Will. We passed by the Lego store on our way back and had to take a shot of the all Lego Prince Phillip fighting the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty. I wonder how many hours went into building that?!

We did a little sightseeing on the coast afterwards, but the weather didn't make for very good pictures.

On our way back to Burbank while driving on the freeway, Tyler became incredibly hungry. His food was all in the trunk except for our cups of anniversary cupcakes from Goofy's Kitchen. I gave him little bits of it to tide him over, and he THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! This picture also makes him look like an enormous baby! He looks half my size! Mommy's just so strong!

For the rest of the day and the next day until our plane took off, we played games with Oscar's grandparents and relaxed. It was Tyler's 1st game of Skip-Bo!

Our flight required us to change planes in Sacramento, which ended up being a bit stressful since the 1st flight was delayed nearly an hour. Fortunately Ty took the stress out of things by being adorable in the airport. He crawled around smiling and reaching his arms to random strangers to hold him and play with him. The initially disappointed crowd all had their spirits lifted by his cuteness. Fortunately we made it on our 2nd flight just as they started boarding. They dimmed the lights since it was an early evening flight, and he completely zonked out on Oscar. He'd barely slept on our flights to southern California since they were daytime flights and he needs darkness to get the signal that it's bedtime. I'm so glad he slept so wonderfully on this flight. Once again all the flight attendants and several passengers remarked on how impressed they were with how well he'd traveled. He only woke as the flight was descending into Sea-Tac, and nursing him calmed him right down, though he was upset that he couldn't just stay asleep as we were leaving the plane and loading him into his stroller. He continued crying during our baggage pick up and well into our drive home, but he did fall asleep in the car eventually and transferred to his crib pretty easily at home. Traveling with a baby is certainly a good deal more difficult than traveling with just the two of us, but how nice it is to have a baby that's so accommodating! 

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