Monday, June 23, 2014

"We are the Champions, My Friends"...well, at least of Wallace Falls!

Now that Ty was feeling better, Amy and I were ready to get back to adventuring! We'd missed out on 2 of Amy's days due to Ty's hospital stay, and I had a huge list of northwest wonders I wanted her to see. We saw that Saturday was predicted to have good weather, so we crammed a LOT into it. The first item planned for our 134 mile drive that day was hiking up good old Wallace Falls.
Oscar and Tyler spent the day hanging out with Oscar's parents. It was a real comfort to me to know that Tyler was having fun and in good hands after his recent illness. He was just delighted to be crawling and cruising around without any cords getting in his way. Who would guess that this cute baby had just been in the hospital one day earlier?

Adventure time!
As with our Columbia River Gorge trip, we started off the day driving into ominous clouds, but they cleared up for us by the time we arrived at the trail. It's so nice when the clouds are accommodating! At the beginning of the trail you come upon this William Wordsworth quote "Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher." And shortly after beginning the hike, there's a small spur trail leading over to "Small Falls."

There's a fair amount of hiking before you reach anymore drops, but there are some nice views of the Wallace River and a peek out at the valley.

Lower Falls and a glimpse of Middle Falls

Amy and I took a break and grabbed a snack once we arrived at the lookout for Lower Falls. It's cool that you can see Middle Falls from here too. Although it's called lower falls, there are actually two additional drops below. I wonder what they're called - Lower, Lower Falls and Lower, Lower, Lower Falls? The lowest drop is the most difficult to view. From what I could tell it seemed pretty similar to the drop just before it.
I should order a Wallace Falls license plate

And after I bent my finger backwards catching myself falling forward in the mud, we made it to the gorgeous main drop. The other time I made this hike, I twisted my ankle on the way down. I wonder if I'll ever be able to hike Wallace Falls without injuring myself.

We attempted to take a double selfie, but failed miserably. Fortunately there were plenty of people there, so we were able to get a cute shot of the two of us with the main drop before continuing on to Upper Falls.

It may be steep to get to the valley overlook, but it's a great payoff when you arrive. There's also another set of small drops here. 

Darn! We had to change our plans to fall down the waterfall after reading this sign. 

After a grueling climb we finally made it to Upper Falls. There we celebrated our victorious climb with some loud, extremely off key caterwauling of Queen's "We are the Champions."

And we found a little spur trail on our way down that led us to yet another pretty drop.

You're probably thinking "what a fun day you just had! Now it's time to go home, have a nice dinner and rest, right?" Nope! That was only the start of our adventures for the day. Stay tuned for Snoqualmie Falls, seriously enormous Root Beer Floats, riding the Seattle Great Wheel and getting up close and personal with the Freemont Troll.

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