Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Sandy Beach at Fort Casey State Park

After touring Deception Pass, we stopped off for some munchies at Dairy Queen. They always give too high of a ratio of ice cream to toppings, so we poured the extra ice cream from our sundae into a cup and made a float with orange soda (they were out of root beer). A few of the peanuts and some of the hot fudge unintentionally mixed in with it, which made for an interesting taste. Hot fudge and peanut orange creamsicle anyone?

It was still nice out, so we continued south down Whidbey Island looking for Ebey's Landing. Oscar and I had taken a hike here in 2011, and I'd noticed there was a place you could drive to right along the beach. I wanted to take Amy to a sandy area where we could put our bare feet in the sand. We veered off the highway to look for it, but later realized we'd turned off too early. Fortunately we inadvertently found another beautiful area - Fort Casey State Park.
Amy almost squealed when she saw these deer on the trail out to the beach. I'm no stranger to deer with all the forest hiking I've done and the summer I spent out in Leavenworth, but I've never seen deer this close to the coast.
We kicked our shoes and socks off and had a great time in the sand. You can guess how cold the water was from the looks on our faces.
But I adapt to water temperature pretty well.

We hung out for a bit and enjoyed watching the waves roll in. It was great, until we had to put our shoes back on. I wish I'd had my flip flops...

Later we took a stroll around the pretty park. 
Distant view of Mt Ranier
Amy blowing out the fuzz on a dandelion

Amy had been really eager to take a ferry sometime during her trip, which worked out really nicely since the Clinton/Mukilteo ferry was the easiest way to get home from here. Washington ferries don't charge the $7 per passenger fare when you're traveling from an island to the mainland, which made it only $8 to take the car back home. Unfortunately we'd just barely missed the previous ferry and had a bunch of time to hang around the ferry dock.

Distant view of Mt Baker from the ferry
There was a map inside, so I pointed out to Amy all the places we'd traveled that day and snapped some more pictures until we boarded the boat.

The front of the boat was crazy windy!

The wind wasn't a problem from the back of the boat, but either our pictures were in shadow or we had a hard time keeping our eyes open in the direct sunlight.

For dinner I took Amy for some delicious Thai food and homemade coconut ice cream. Yummy! 24 Star Thai in Lynnwood never disappoints!
Oscar chose not to come with us since it was close to Tyler's bedtime and he'd already made lots of homemade chili. This is what he wrote on his Facebook wall.

Dear Stacy Jinks Hunt,

I need to apologize for being the worst husband in the world. While you were out with your friend Amy Foster eating Wienerschnitzel and Thai food with coconut ice cream today, I made Chili. While that's not a sin, I added onion to BOTH batches, which I seem to recall is one of the unforgivable sins. I'm Very Very sorry-ish. I hope you still decide to come home, but won't be surprised if you decide to move to Mississippi with Amy.

Kind of Regretfully,

Your Husband.

I dropped Amy off at the airport early the next morning. In spite of Oscar's unforgivable use of onion, I did not fly back with her. Even though her flight left at 8am and it takes about an hour to get to the airport, we veered off the freeway to visit the first Starbucks coffee shop. This one has an extremely limited menu because they get so much foot traffic from Pikes Place tourists. We wanted to stop at the Macrina Bakery for breakfast, but they didn't open until 7am, so we grabbed some doughnuts across the street. Amy's leaving was hard, but Krispy Kreme's amazingly delicious Key Lime Pie doughnut definitely helped ease the pain!

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