Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Ty: 11 months - 1 year old!

Although Ty's 11th month began with an unpleasant overnight hospital stay, he cheered up quickly when granny and grandpa Hunt came to visit. Fortunately Ty's never shown an attachment phase yet - when he only wants mommy or daddy and is scared of everybody else. So far Ty loves everyone, especially when they play with him. Granny and Grandpa were happy to oblige!

They couldn't stay long, but Ty's spirits were still high after they'd left. While Amy and I were off at the Tulip FestivalDeception Pass, and Fort Casey State Park, Oscar stayed home with Tyler. I just love Tyler's belly laugh! He's had a fantastic laugh since he was only 3 months old.

Cute clean boy!
Ty had several milestones that month, including standing on his own, eating solids like a champ, beginning to wean, and saying his first words. There's no food Tyler flat out won't eat, though at 11 months he preferred pureed fruits to pieces of fruit, like bananas and strawberries. Some days he'll like certain foods more than other days, but if he turns it down one day he may very well eat it the next. He likes his vegetables and has even turned down crackers and cereal pieces in favor of peas and corn. He loves kidney beans! Oscar and I like saying "big beans!" because it makes Tyler giggle like crazy. Ty is always searching for food on the floor and manages to find it no matter how much I sweep and vacuum. Often he'll find other things to stick in his mouth, like lint and pieces of carpet. 

Ty's first syllables were "da da da." Later came "ma ma," "na na," "la la, etc." He doesn't know what they mean, but he babbles them all the time. Right now it's just learning to make intelligible sounds. Oscar beams with pride whenever Ty says "da da."

By 11 months Ty had weaned down to 4 nursing sessions a day, and those were all fairly short. He rarely fell asleep nursing anymore, so on one occasion when he did, I snuggled him and savored the moment. In the middle of it, he gave a cute little giggle in his sleep. Precious!!!

How Oscar addressed our tithing envelope
Ty is a fantastic sleeper, but 9am church followed by 1pm choir practice became a real challenge. He's used to getting a nice 90 minute to 2 hour nap then and has a hard time sleeping anywhere but his crib. In church sometimes he'd fall asleep in Oscar's arms for about 30 minutes, though once we got lucky and he actually slept an hour and 40 minutes on one of the pews. 

Ty's doing reasonably well with the sippy cup. He can drink from it when he wants to, but holding it up is not his favorite thing. He prefers the kind that just have little holes in the lid and don't require as much work, but if I leave him alone with one he'll pour it all out just to watch it drip. Without supervision I'm only willing to give him water since he inevitably ends up throwing it on the ground and spilling liquid everywhere.

Cute Kitties!
Ty loves playing with the cats. He giggles like crazy when I pull out the laser pen and the cats (and Tyler) all chase the red dot. Any time a cat reacts playfully to anything he is thoroughly entertained. One time Nibbler put Tyler's binky in his mouth and walked away a few feet with it. Tyler thought it was the most hysterical thing he'd ever seen.
The best moments, though, are when Tyler is happy and giggly for no apparent reason. We still laugh about one afternoon he spent crawling laps around the couch, giggling away the whole time. He's so much fun!

On May 10th we celebrated Oscar's 31st birthday with delicious lemon cake and Thai food. Those candles were recycled from my 31st birthday the year before. I'm a year older than Oscar, so if we go with numbered candles, he can just reuse mine a year later. Then 11 days later Tyler can still use the 2nd number from Oscar's candles (i.e. when Oscar's 32 Tyler will be 2).

I don't like putting Tyler in the high chair anytime he wants a little snack, so sometimes I'd put crackers or cereal pieces on the tray of his walker. This worked for awhile, but then he realized how much fun it was to throw them all on the ground. The walker went to storage when he started learning how to walk without it. Several other things have been put away as well, like his baby swing and his bouncer. I tried strapping him into his bouncer while I took a shower once, but he managed to push himself out of it.
Along with the fun milestones we're also getting some extra fussiness. This is partly from teething and partly because everything is now a fun toy to him, and he doesn't understand why he can't have whatever he's wanting to play with (hence why I never wear jewelry anymore). One time he became very upset and threw a tantrum when he couldn't put the toilet seat down while I was using the toilet. Fortunately his distress was quickly calmed by discovering the fun spring that keeps the door from slamming against the wall.

On May 21st we celebrated Ty's 1st birthday with a small "Despicable Me" party. I'd brought Ty home some new toys, including this cute Thomas the Train play table. The Relief Society in our ward has started doing an annual swap meet for the 3 congregations who use our church building. I missed the one last year since I was busy giving birth to Tyler, but I found some great stuff this year. How sweet that every year just before Ty's birthday there will be a Relief Society swap meet! Free birthday gifts for Tyler!

I found some reasonably priced Despicable Me party hats, party favors and balloons on Amazon. Ty wasn't too thrilled about wearing the hat, though the minion balloon didn't mind it ;).

Lia and Hana came up to celebrate with us and picked up Thai food. The little rice soup with vegetable ends they give out at lunch made the perfect meal for him. We also gave him small pieces of our food. He didn't love the spice level, but he sure enjoyed the coconut ice cream!

There were lots of extra party favors and cake, so I invited my neighbor and her 4 kids to take them off my hands. They happily obliged and sang Happy Birthday to Ty when he woke up from his nap.

He also thoroughly enjoyed his yellow cake with key lime frosting! Hana came around the table to help him blow out the candle, but it snuffed itself out right as she was arriving. It looks like 3 birthdays is the most these candles can take.

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