Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips!

Every April Mt Vernon, WA holds a Tulip Festival. There are a few places that charge a small admission to view different displays, but there are also many areas where you can view fields of tulips for free. Amy loves flowers, and she just happened to time her visit during the month of April, so of course I had to bring her up for the festival. It was also quite convenient since I'd already planned on taking her to Deception Pass on Whidbey Island. Even if we hadn't been going to the festival, we would have driven through Mt Vernon anyway.

But no trip to the Tulip Festival would be complete without a hot dog breakfast, right?! 20 years ago there was a Wienerschnitzel near my hometown of Murray, Utah; but when it and every other Utah Wienerschnitzel closed down, I just assumed the business was gone for good. Little did I know we actually have our very own Wienerschnitzel in my current town of Everett, WA! Amy's a hot dog lover and had pinned it to our Pinterest board, but with everything else we had planned that day, I didn't think we would make it. Just for kicks I looked up their hours of business, and they actually open at 9:00AM. Who the heck eats hot dogs at 9:00AM?...Oh wait...we do (and yes, we were the only customers there that early)! I had a deliciously awesome Angus dog with cheese on a pretzel bun (HOLD THE MUSTARD!!!) and Amy had a Kraut dog. Why their menu doesn't say anywhere that their hot dogs come with mustard is beyond me. Man that would have ruined my breakfast! I stopped the guy just as he was shaking up the bottle.

 Amy in beautiful Tulip Town
Let's name these Tulips after a beer! 
Very Eastery
Cabbage got turned into a flower!
Named after nearby Mt Baker
Pretty Rococo

Love the dark red ones!
These were some of our favorites. It's almost like they're lace trimmed
A lion got turned into a flower!
Come kiss me baby!
These tulips could still be found in the fields
Because it was the end of the season, many tulips had already been trimmed and sold for decoration. They were all out in full bloom when Oscar and I visited earlier in the month in 2011. Later in the month the petals start falling off and the gardeners clear the less attractive rows out. It also becomes VERY muddy, so wear proper footwear. There was a vehicle you could hop on for $1 that would take you around the fields, but we wanted to get up close and personal with the tulips.
 There was still plenty of loveliness to be found.
Would you like to see the tulip angel played by me, Amy, or both of us?
The yellow tulips must be the late bloomers. There were more yellow tulips left than any of the other colors.

I loved these dark violet tulips, but most were wilting or had been cleared away.
Flower in full bloom
Amy was partial for these blended pink/orange tulips
While I preferred those with multiple yet distinct colors.

After touring the fields we wandered into the indoor Garden to see the displays.

Here I found my absolute favorite kind of tulips - Flaming Parrots. They almost looked like some sort of party streamer. They were featured floating in boats along the river.

 And Amy found several of her favorites out in full bloom. 

The next stop on our itinerary - Erie Mountain Lookout and Deception Pass. Check those out in my next post!

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