Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Utah Trip July 2014: Part III - Hanging out with the Family

Shoot me daddy. I'm thirsty.

Oscar's mom and sisters had planned a bunch of activities for the 3 day reunion. Day 2 was spent up at the East Canyon Reservoir. I brought Ty down to the water where he had fun playing with the rocks and dirt, but it was too cold for him to last long. Back up at the pavillion there were a bunch of toys in a suitcase, but Ty's favorite thing to do was playing in the suitcase itself. He also enjoyed drinking water directly from the water gun.


That evening each family was asked to compose a song sung to a well known tune. Ours was London Bridges. Here was our song. 

"Oscar met his pretty wife, she said yes, ain't that nice? Temple sealer's good advice: love your Stacy.
Married in 2006, got 3 cats, went on trips. Waterfalls and lines that zip, earned 3 degrees.
Washington sure rains a lot, allergies, they cause snot. Bought a house but not a yacht. Plant rosemary.
Tyler was an embryo conceived by in-vitro. With red hair but not a bow, our fair baby."

The next day was spent out at Aunt Kat's house where Ty had lots of fun playing with lots of different cousins (and stealing the youngest ones' binkies). Here he learned how to yank hair (a skill he has continued employing since we got home). We also surprised and celebrated Grandpa Flinders 80th birthday. It was a couple weeks early so he didn't think to expect anything.

4 generations picture
Our final week was spent going back and forth between our two families. On Sunday we went to church with Oscar's family and visited Grandma and Grandpa Hatch that evening. It was great to see them, but there were far too many things in their house to worry about Tyler playing with (like pulling doilies off the table). Here Oscar came up with a new idea for "doilet paper," toilet paper that looks like doilies. LOL!

On Monday I went to Lagoon again while Ty and Oscar hung out in Kaysville. It was nice for Oscar's parents to spend some time with Ty without the stress of the reunion on them. Mike and Shan had left for an anniversary trip in Costa Rica, so mom and dad stayed over at their house while Oscar and I had mom and dad's house all to ourselves.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo but didn't stay long since we got rained out. We did a little bit indoors and rode the Merry Go Round, but decided to come back another day when we could do more.

That evening we met up with my friend Jenny at the Brick Oven in Layton. We hadn't seen each other in 4 years. It's nice when you meet up with someone you haven't talked to in a long while and get a fun reminder of why you became friends in the first place. Tyler ate lots of pasta and drank lots of tasty homemade root beer.

 Cute baby!

On Wednesday we went out to the Children's Museum at Thanksgiving Point. It's awesome, but definitely meant for kids older than Ty. Ethan spelled out my name at the movie theater and Sophie and Emma spelled out their own.

There were a couple 3 and younger areas that Ty played in. He also loved the enormous Legos room and the play washing machines.
There was also a baby splash area so he could play with the water, though after the swimming pool, this paled in comparison. 
Oscar enjoyed torturing Tyler in the fast winds area

After we got him home, fed, and napped, we took him back down to the pool. He had lots of fun playing with Ethan, Emma, and Sophie.

I had fun playing the kiddos too. Emma kept wanting me to dunk her over and over while Sophie was only willing to be dunked once so I could have a "double dunk" with one twin in each arm.

We went back to the Zoo on Thursday to try the new Wild Kingdom train and see the bird show now that we had good weather.

Ty fell asleep while we were seeing the elephants, so we walked him around for awhile and let him get a nap before we took off.
I insisted on getting a drink from the lion's mouth. I used to LOVE these when I was a kid.

Later we took Ty up to Kaysville while Oscar and I went up to the hospital in Layton to meet our new niece Bonnie. Ty stayed and played with his cousins while we were visiting and going mini-golfing at Boondocks. Martha was very impressed with how well Justin was sharing with him. His Toy Story toys are his pride and joy. Afterwards we had pizza and cake with the whole family at Grandma Hatch's house. It was our last chance to see Oscar's side of the family before we left.

And Friday we had a fun time at the aquarium, meeting up with Pam for Leatherby's, and getting one final swim in. This time Oscar joined us in the pool, which was super fun for Tyler. Enormous bath time fun with daddy! Oscar was throwing Ty high in the air, which Ty was enjoying enormously, until he caught him kind of low, causing Ty to bite his own lip on the impact. It was a bit traumatic, but he got over it quickly and went back to having fun.

On Saturday we had one final day just hanging out with mom and dad until our flight left that afternoon. Ty kept bringing books for Oscar to read, one of which was the phone book!

We definitely had lots of fun with family, but I have to admit after 2.5 weeks of non-child proofed environments, it was good to get my baby back home.

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