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Utah Trip July 2014: Part I - Camping with a 14 month old

Grandpa Hunt's head is my favorite toy
Rare picture - the baby smiles but the grownup doesn't
This past July we took a 2.5 week trip to Utah to hang out with our families. We left around 7pm on Wednesday the 16th and stayed one night with Oscar's parents before driving up to southeast Idaho for the annual Hunt family camp out.

Helping get the tent set up
Mmm! Apricots! 
Camping with a baby was definitely challenging. There were far too many things to worry about him getting into, hurting himself with, and sticking in his mouth. But he definitely had fun and was very curious about all his new surroundings. He also enjoyed getting extremely dirty, and he gained more ability to walk in shoes. The first time I put him in shoes at a playground, he stood frozen on the spot and refused to move in them. He definitely got over that on the camping trip, but still doesn't care much for shoes.

It's normal for Ty to struggle to sleep through the night in new places. We brought Oscar's parents' pack and play (which used to be my sister's pack and play) with us and set it up in their large tent. Oscar and I were staying in a smaller tent which would have been very difficult to fit us and the pack and play in. He went down for the night no worse than I would have expected for being in an unfamiliar environment, but he woke up crying inconsolably at 4am. It was clear he wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon, particularly with the sunlight when he's used to his black out curtains at home, so we brought him into our tent with us and let him play with his toys for about a half hour. Somehow Oscar actually got him to fall asleep next to us for about another hour. It was very cute! And fortunately the next night he slept through the night without a problem.

Grandpa Hunt enjoyed hanging out with his grandsons (except for 4 month old Troy) and taking them swimming in Bear Lake. This middle picture of all of them smiling is adorable! The GIF on the right shows how many pics we had to take to finally get this one good one.

The water at Bear Lake was perfect for Ty. It's very shallow for a long way out, which gave him a lot of opportunity to kick, splash, and play in the sand. Oscar then came out kayaking. At first we just put Ty in the kayak for a photo opp, but then Ty was so happy sitting with daddy and holding the oar that Oscar took him out a bit further. We didn't have a life jacket for him, so we didn't take him deeper than anywhere I could touch. I followed along the kayak walking/swimming while trying to keep the camera out of the water. Once Ty started moving around, Oscar handed him back to me.

After drying off and having lunch, Ty had lots of fun being thrown up in the air by daddy. Marcus had been trying to get a shot of Tyler in the air with his phone, but he kept missing it every time, so I brought out my Ipad. This is when the shutter feature comes in super handy.

We got tons of adorable shots of Tyler in the air and being caught in daddy's arms. I can't wait to show them to him when he's older.

But this one was by far the BEST! He looks perfect with that fantastic smile! The crop of just Tyler in the clouds totally looks photoshopped, too. We didn't have a swim diaper, so his regular diaper was ready to explode from all the lake water it had absorbed.

Later on Ty got a chance to play and cuddle with the late Bruno Allred, Julia and Luke's puppy. Unfortunately Bruno passed away just after we left Utah due to a fall that was just too big for his little body. We're glad we had a chance to meet him and love him while we were there.

We'd borrowed this baby backpack on the left from a friend of mine in Utah, and took Ty out for a little hike to Blue Pond springs.

And here's Ty having snacks with cousin Justin and drinking his juice with granny. I had him down to one nursing session a day, and had hoped to wean him on the trip, but he was extra thirsty in Utah and getting mad at the sippy cup, so I held off until after we got home to Seattle.

When we got back from camping, Oscar's parents dropped us down to my parents house where we went swimming right after Ty had his nap. He absolutely loved it! It was like extended bath time in an extra large tub where everybody gets to join him. He giggled like crazy while splashing and playing with Ethan, Emma, and Sophie. The next time we took him down on Tuesday to meet up my friend Jasmine and her little girls, but he was much less enthusiastic about it. He enjoyed swimming on other occasions we took him to the pool, but his first time was by far his favorite.

For the next two days we let Ty have lots of fun playing with Mike's kids in the mornings. On Wednesday Ethan and Emma were playing with a plush toy banana, throwing it up to the ceiling while saying "boing, boing, BOING!" Tyler giggled hysterically! It was awesome! I loved seeing my nieces and nephew entertaining Tyler. That was also the last time that Mike and Shan would see Tyler then since they were leaving for their anniversary trip. My dad says they've talked about how cute he is ever since.

While at my parents' house, Ty slept in a little pack and play in dad's walk in closet so he could have his preferred darkness (in addition to pulling on dad's long sleeve shirts). But one time Ty was so worn out from having so much fun that he actually fell asleep in Oscar's arms, which never happens anymore. Too cute!

dad missed the memo to make a silly face
We also went to Lagoon twice that week since Mike was awesome enough to purchase me a season pass. Shannon's Jessica and her boyfriend D'Jon met up with us there. I was thrilled to have some Tyler free time to hang out with my family, ride Wicked, and see the new show - Bosque by Cirque Innosta.
Mom and I also got thoroughly soaked on the Cliffhanger since they drenched us before the ride had even started, and I got to ride the skyride with Ethan and Emma.
While we were having fun at Lagoon, Oscar took Ty to Kaysville to hang out with his family. Ty loved eating blackberries from granny and grampy's garden! He also got to try his first sucker, which resulted in much hilarity as you can see in this video, and enjoyed playing with great grandpa Flinders' croquet sticks.

On Wednesday evening after we finished up at Lagoon, Mike took us all out for Thai food in Layton before dropping me off in Kaysville. We stayed the night since the next day was the start of the Flinders Family Reunion. Pics of that to come in my next post!

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