Saturday, August 23, 2014

Utah Trip July 2014: Part II - Flinders Family Pictures

Oscar's mom's family (the Flinders) had a big family reunion while we were down in Utah. Everyone was asked to wear some shade of blue for family pictures. Here's our cute family.

We got some great pics!
These were some of my favorites of the other families.

We had to wait around until everyone had arrive before we could get group pics. At first Ty stayed entertained and got to meet and play with a lot of new people.

Here's an adorable pic of Oscar and Tyler and a cute one of Oscar's parents with all of their grandchildren (at that point. Emily's daughter Bonnie has now joined the clan. Emily was induced a few days before we left, so we got to meet little Bonnie when she was only 1 day old).

Since I often get asked where Ty's red hair comes from, I requested we get a picture with all the Flinders family redheads. This included great grandpa Flinders, uncle Peter, and uncle Scott. Martha's brother Danny is also a redhead, but he was unable to make it to the reunion. Martha herself and her oldest brother John also had redish hair when they were in their teens, but it went blonde as they got older. We're curious whether Tyler will stay red like these guys or fade blonde like grandma. John also has a redheaded grandchild (who hadn't arrived in time for the redhead pic), but hers is a much darker red than the rest of the Flinders clan.

Here we have the Hunt kids and their spouses (missing Camille), Oscar's parents' kids and grandkids, and just their grownup kids and spouses without the grandkids.

Oscar with his brothers and sisters
And Marcus and Martha with their 6 children

We were still waiting for people to arrive in order to do a full family pic, but Ty was not having any of that. He fell asleep in daddy's arms. How adorable! 

Oscar was so great! He walked all the way over to the Junior High while holding a sleeping Tyler in his arms. We sat down here to wait for everyone else to arrive. We did get full family pictures, but aren't currently able to post them legally. I'll update this post later whenever we have the necessary permissions.

Cute pic of Grandma and Grandpa Flinders with all the Flinders males. Ty woke up just before the pictures started and sat happily in cousin Seth's lap.

We attempted to get some of G and G Flinders with just the little ones, but never succeeded in getting all of them to cooperate.

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