Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Toddler Ty: 14 - 16 Months

This past August Oscar picked gallons of blackberries nearly everyday. Tyler LOVED them, and it was always an enormous mess! At least he's a cutie in the bathtub.
My cute little leg hugger!
My sweet little helper! He lights up whenever I bring out the broom. I always let him play with it, even if he makes more of a mess than there was before.

Ty's got a new chair, and he's not the only one who enjoys it. Madi and Brenna are both big fans, and all the cats have claimed it as their own.

It's fun to watch Ty becoming so social. He went through a brief attachment phase, always crying when we tried to hand him off to anybody, but after we left he'd cheer up fairly quickly. He's still not thrilled about our leaving, but he starts playing and interacting with others almost immediately. It's adorable!
I'm a total sucker for all his smiles and giggles!

Ty loves the cats, smiling and lighting up when he sees them, but they're terrified of him. He chases them, slaps them, and pulls their tails and ears (though this has improved in recent weeks), so of course they run whenever they see him coming. After Ty goes down to bed, the kitties finally feel safe to come out and cuddle. Fry's territory is my lap, Nibbler's is my chest, and Leela wants to be as close to Oscar's fingers as possible. Her true sign of affection is nibbling on fingers. She nibbles a bit too hard for me, but Oscar's big man hands can take it.

Myla and Kienna helped me out with Ty while I had a doctor's appointment in Seattle, so I took them to a pretty viewpoint at nearby Kerry Park. The pictures on many Seattle postcards are taken here.
Kienna snapped this cute picture of Ty in the car, and I LOVE it! With his arm extended it's like he's taking his own selfie "Yo, what up, peeps?"
Later on Myla and Kienna decided they didn't want to leave our house and could just sleep on our porch.
I think they just like all the goodies we make at our house, like Mickey Mouse pancakes and cookie dough Oreos with actual cookie dough inside. 

We've been able to put the baby gates away for our top floor now that Ty has mastered crawling up and down. We still leave one on the main floor, though, since I don't want Ty getting into the cat stuff that's all downstairs. The other day I had him down there while I was putting on my shoes, and he ate a piece of cat food. Needless to say, he wasn't too thrilled about it, though he still got upset when I fished it out of his mouth.

Ty had lots of fun finding new toys and eating Oreos at auntie Malia's house. I love how cute he looks in his Sunday shirt. Too bad he recently grew out of it.

Around the end of August Ty got his 1st shiner from walking smack into a door frame. It stuck around for awhile too, since he wouldn't let me treat it with anything.

I've started letting Ty take a few toys to bed now that they don't overstimulate him and prevent him from falling asleep. It's funny the positions I find them in when I take a peek at night.

Ty loves his new dragon toy. I picked it up at the Relief Society swapmeet this past May, but I kept it in the garage until September since he wasn't quite ready to play with it appropriately. Now he adores putting the balls in the holes as it lights up and plays music. He giggles like crazy, though he often sticks things in the holes that are too big for it and mommy has to pull them out. When I showed it to Brenna and the other kids we've babysat, they love that the balls come out the dragons mouth and down its tail.

He's such a sweet mischievous little man! He's attempted to go under the baby gate like the cats do, but can't quite get his bum through.

Sometimes Oscar makes chocolate/peanut butter/banana protein powder shakes and shares them with Tyler. I love the milkshake mustache!
What the drink is really doesn't matter. Ty just likes drinking out of regular cups. He'll drink more water from one of these cups than juice from a sippy cup. Here he is looking drunk on water.

 Such a cute guy! I love seeing him cuddle with his Elmo. Sometimes when we put him in the crib, he  just grabs his Elmo and goes right to sleep. It's super sweet. :)
And a few cute smiley Ty collages. Dr Tyler! This is the stethoscope they gave us from Ty's hospital visit this past April, and the outfit totally looks like scrubs. Too bad I haven't been able to find the pants since the first time he wore them...

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