Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas in the Northwest: Part II - Teddy Bear Suite, Gingerbread Displays, and Pike's Place Market

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle are always worth checking out at Christmas time, and they're conveniently within a block of each other. However, I would HIGHLY recommend going down before 3pm or after 6pm. You can check out both of them in less than an hour, and there's lots of street parking, but most of the street parking is closed between 3pm and 6pm in order to create more street space during rush hour.

Fairmont Olympic has a festival of trees, beautifully themed trees displayed and sold to raise money for charity. We didn't get there early enough in the season to see them this year, though I was able to see them last year when I dropped by just after Thanksgiving. But even if you get there in December, there are still plenty of festive decorations to enjoy. They have an enormous, real tree that they store and preserve throughout the year, and on the 3rd floor you can go visit the Teddy Bear Suite. They've taken one of their choice hotel suites and decorated it with cute teddy bears. Ty's been becoming attached to stuffed animals lately, so he was fascinated by it.
"I want to play with all of them!"

There's an enormous teddy on the chair when you first walk in, and even the bathroom is decorated with a polar bear and a snowman.

At the Sheraton hotel there's a gingerbread display each year. This first one was Christmas in the Northwest, complete with a space needle.
Everything on the display has to be edible, and several displays had moving pieces.
 I liked the Mayan temple north pole and the Christmas on a tropical island display (possibly Christmas island?...).

We still had money on our parking meter, so we walked over to Macy's to see the huge star. This area is also where there's a carousel, but since it was raining, we opted out of this one.

Even Pike's Place decks out for the holidays, including the pigs on the roof lit up like Santa's reindeer. Rudolph leads the way with his red nose.

As long as we were there we stopped at the bakery where they make enormous pastries and grabbed a German Chocolate doughnut. Yum!!! They infused the glaze into it so there was never a dry bite even after you ate the main topping. I'd highly recommend it.

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