Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas in the Northwest: Part V - The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach

I'd been meaning to visit "The Lights of Christmas" for several years now, but as it's a long drive, it costs about $15 a piece (except for Tyler), and Oscar's not particularly crazy about Christmas lights, I'd never gotten around to it. However, this year Oscar had just gotten a new phone and had been fiddling around with all the fancy camera settings, so he was happy to come along and try it out. I got back from work earlier than I'd expected to on the 22nd, and the weather was predicted to be clear through the night, so we headed up north. Mom opted out of this one since she wasn't feeling well, but the rest of us had fun. Ty especially loved having daddy come along. Mommy and Grandma are just so boring sometimes! ;)
Though this was the most expensive place we visited, the area is enormous and there was a lot to see. There was also additional entertainment, like shows, camel rides, train rides, and visiting Santa, but Ty was a bit too young to get much out of anything but the petting zoo. He also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the lights and kept trying to touch them. He even managed to pull off the bulbs of a few of the larger ones along the walkway, which fortunately were easily reattached. There was only one point where he got super restless, but a mini candy cane left over from Everett Fir Grove kept him happy. 

They had some moving lights like I'd seen at the zoo, but they moved a lot slower. I wondered if it was intentionally timed that way or if it just slows down naturally over time.
These mountains looked amazing! They're accented nicely by a full moon.

And these trees and canoes looked really cool reflected off the water.
We all need some frolicking gingerbread men and an enormous blue light tree!

The candy cane trees and tunnel really jumped out at me, and the Santa with his reindeer on the rooftop is very well done.
During the summer this place is a large Bible camp, so of course there was a gorgeous nativity scene. The row of angels was nice too. I liked how some are flying a few feet off the ground.
It was definitely a fun night, though be aware of the mud you'll encounter getting from the parking lot to the entrance. The wheels of Tyler's stroller were caked in it as we were leaving, so we had to wrap them in a blanket to avoid getting mud all over our car.

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