Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Toddler Ty: 19 Months

Recipe for a sleeping Stacy: comfy recliner, comfy blanket, and a sweet kitty cat. I found myself in this position more than once during December :) We bought this recliner last year to help me out with night nursing. It was well worth it! I still fall asleep in it regularly, even though Ty weaned in August.

Mom's a big couponer, so while she was here we spent a lot of time shopping. Ty isn't always the most well behaved in the grocery cart, but he does great when he gets to be in the little cars.

He's such a sweet guy. Here he is on the left snuggling with daddy after a long day of seeing Christmas in Seattle.

I often check on Ty while he's asleep at night. It's hilarious some of the positions I find him sleeping in. How he managed to stay asleep with his sleepsacked legs through the crib bars is beyond me! 

With Ty around we couldn't keep ornaments on the tree anywhere within his reach, but one day while he slept we decided to finish decorating it just for the heck of it. He, of course, messed it all up when he woke up, but at least he had fun and we got some pictures.

We picked up Ty some Santa pajamas so he could wear them when he met Santa at the ward Christmas party. We couldn't get a smile out of him, but at least he wasn't complaining. Cute Santa baby!

Oscar and I were on the Christmas Party committee, so we took over anything having to do with music. We were in charge of the music playing over the speakers, we sang the duet "Mary Did You Know," and he sang "We Three Kings" with Wray Cason and Steve Hall. I found a free version online, which had some interesting text like, "star of wonder, tart of night. Start with royal beauty bright." We also brought a lot of food. Mom made her fudge, buttermints, and a batch of funeral potatoes, and we also brought an apple pie from Costco.

Ty also had fun being push around in the toy cart by Jilly, until she lost control of it coming down the wheel chair ramp. He took a little tumble, but that was all. One minute later he wanted to be pushed around in the cart again.

Yep, he's a hunk! The Hutchinson's got him this cute cold weather outfit, which he wore several times when we took him out to see the lights.

And Ty finished off the month picking up a new skill. He can now feed himself with a spoon! He still has to be supervised or he'll accidentally knock the bowl over or pick it up to slurp and spill it all over himself, but it's so nice not to have to feed him anymore. I love watching him becoming so independent and gobbling up all his tasty vegetables. For awhile he was even eating salad, but that stopped a couple weeks ago. Hopefully he learns to like it again.

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